Metal Sounds

Spacedrum, 8 notes, 60cm, Silverado

ART.-NO.: SD-608SI EAN: 4250418408400

The Pentatonic - the gentle minor - percussive - silver


  • Spacedrum Evolution - Silverado
  • Number of tones: 8
  • Tuning: Silverado C3 E3 G3 B3 C4 D4 E4 G4
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Diameter: 60 cm
  • Height to the middle (dome): 13 cm
  • Height to the ground: 8 cm
  • Weight: 5,2 kg
  • With removable rubber ring for damping (to reduce reverberation)
  • Includes maintenance wax and a sturdy and well-padded bag for transport and storage
  • Made in France
Sound Example

Spacedrum Evolution, Silverado, Ø 60 cm


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With its 60cm diameter, the Silverado has particularly long-lasting tones that are meditative and sublimely melodic. Its minor pentatonic soothes and refreshes at the same time. The 60cm Spacedrum can be played on the lap or comfortably on a height-adjustable stand. The latest generation of Evolution reduces interference and thus has an improved overtone quality.

The metal of the Evolution® Series Spacedrum by Metal Sounds of France is stainless steel for the best corrosion protection. Each Spacedrum is unique. The craftsmanship, years of know-how and 15 years of research of the manufacturer shine in the steel grade, strength of the material and the art of overtone tuning. Since the Spacedrum is hand-made, i.e. each instrument is unique, the height of the dome and the size of the back may vary somewhat in dimensions. The "Dimples" - the depressions in the notes as well as the "Ding", the elevation in the middle are polished, while the rest of the Spacedrum shines in reddish brass color. The back with the soundhole shines in silver stainless steel.

Price includes import costs to Germany, shipping from Germany and German warranty.

If your desired Spacedrum is not in stock and instead a longer delivery time is indicated, we offer the following payment alternatives:

  • Paypal immediate payment
  • Prepayment: 50% Downpayment at order, 50% before shipping
  • Delivery time currently 3-4 month (made to order)

This delivery time speaks for the instrument, the Internet is full of "cheap" instruments from faraway countries. Without re-tuning service and guarantee of tuning stability.

Care tips for your Handpan

Wipe your instrument with a soft microfiber cloth after each use. To care for your Handpan, remove the removable rubber profile and apply oil or wax to the surface of the instrument once a month with a microfiber cloth. Clean your Handpan two to three times a year with alcohol to remove any deposits of wax and oil. Do not store your Handpan in your bag, but in a dry and airy place.