Native American Style Flute - Pocket Flute in G, aromatic cedar

ART.-NO.: INF-0PG EAN: 4250418404600

Small Native American Pocket Flute - Native American Style Pocket Flute



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Technical data:

  • Tuning: g''-minor
  • Can be played with 5 or 6 holes
  • Length approx. 28 cm, diameter 1.8 cm
  • In cedar, matt oiled surface
  • Bag available separately


This smallest and highest-pitched Native American style flute in aromatic cedar is only 28 cm long and fits in any pocket - hence its name Pocket Flute.

Thanks to its handiness, it is a popular companion when traveling. In terms of playing technique, it has five or six holes and the removable bird fetish makes it similar to the larger flutes. Its small hole spacing makes it easy to play, especially for small hands.

In terms of playing technique, it offers five or six holes and even with the removable bird fetish, it is already similar to the large flutes. The soft wood of the cedar (compared to walnut) gives it a bright, warm sound. The flute can be played well together with the two lower flutes "Redtail Hawk in G", its bright high soprano is clearly audible above them.