Kigonki Enki, Ø 30 cm, starry sky, C minor

ART.-NO.: KIG-ENK-MIN-C EAN: 4250418407700

In the stars - the dreams of tomorrow

  • Tune: C minor - 8 notes, g-c-eb-f-g-ab-b-c
  • Size: Ø 30 cm, Height: 10cm
  • Color: Starry Sky
  • Weight: 2 kg
  • Incl. bag and 2 mallets
  • On customer request - in different colors and tunings, in 440 or 432 Hz!
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The Kigonki is a metal slotted drum, also called tank drum. The model Enki is a small flat hand pan with 8 finely tuned notes. This equally percussive playable, as meditative resonating melody percussion instrument has a beautifully painted and unique surface. It is as much fun to play with your hands as it is to play with the included sticks. With the attached sturdy rope, it can be transported around the room and swung after being struck, or hung in a stand. With three feet on the bottom, it can also be played on a table.

Color and Tuning

If you don't like any of the Kigonki we have in stock, you have the following choices for a small additional charge:

  • You have the desire for the combination of a particular color and mood? Then you can tell us at the end of the ordering process in the comments. Instruments that are custom made have about 30-45 days delivery time. Color requests are approximate, creative freedom is left to the artists. Each Kigonki is unique!
  • Or you contact us and we will be happy to send you a list of models that are currently in production. For instruments from this list, the delivery time is approximately 14 days.

Optional tuning in 432 Hz is possible if you already have other instruments with the pitch of the earth day. Unless otherwise stated, we assume the international standard tuning in 440 Hz. This tuning we recommend if you want to play together with other pre-tuned instruments.

Only after full payment we give your order binding. That is, the delivery time is understood only from receipt of payment.


Kigonki Enki, Ø 30 cm, starry sky, C-Minor