Native American Style Flute - Golden Eagle in F#, Walnut

ART.-NO.: INF-30FISW EAN: 4250418404648

Native American Style Flute - Golden Eagle in F#



  • Tuning: f#'-minor
  • Playable with 5 or 6 holes
  • Length approx. 63 cm, diameter 3 cm
  • In walnut, surface glossy, oiled
  • Incl. instruction booklet

This Native American Flute - Golden Eagle, in FIS is crafted in the fine wood of walnut. It is named after the majestic golden eagle, the bird fetish is symbolic of the name.

High Spirits describes its sound as haunting and ethereal, touching the mind and heart. The hard wood of walnut (compared to cedar) adds clarity and brilliance to it. To play it, it is recommended to have some experience with Native American flutes or other flutes.

The Golden Eagle in FIS can be played well together with the higher "Kestrel in FIS".