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Joint/Universal Bowl, Peter Hess®

ART.-NO.: KS9-G EAN: 4250418402521

For the joints - old tradition - made tangible in a new way

  • Therapy Singing Bowl for joints and a wide-range of application
  • Weight: 900-1000g
  • Diameter approx. 23 cm
  • Height: approx. 9,5 cm


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The joint bowl and universal bowl is quite thin-walled and has a wide sound spectrum. It is suitable for foot and hand reflexology and has a special effect when placed on the joints.

Peter Hess has made Singing Bowl therapy known worldwide and trained thousands of therapists and users. With this great pioneer vision he paved the way for many other types of instruments in therapy, massage, wellness and for the activation of the self-healing powers. Today, Singing Bowls can be found in the most diverse fields that work with people and also in training institutes and universities where future users are trained: Kindergartens, schools, massage, clinics, rehabilitation, hospitals, facilities for people with disabilities, hospice, hairdressers, pedicure, manicure, speech therapists, occupational therapists, funeral homes, businesses, team building, industry and management. The Peter Hess bowls are produced in our own craftsman shops in Nepal.

This bowl is also available as a Bolo Singing Bowl with a hole in the bottom.