Earth Tone Flute - Condor Bass - NASF in E (432Hz), aromatic cedar*

ART.-NO.: INF-40E432 EAN: 4250418405317

Earth Tone Flute - Condor Bass - in E (432 Hz) - Native American Style Flute


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Technical data:

  • Tuning: e'-minor (432 Hz)
  • Playable with 5 or 6 holes
  • Length approx. 58 cm, diameter 4 cm
  • In aromatic cedar wood, surface glossy, oiled
  • Incl. instruction booklet
  • Bag available separately

This Earth Tone Flute - Red Tail Hawk (Native American Style Flute) from the special series of "EarthTone © Wooden Flutes" by High Spirits is made of aromatic cedar wood. Inlays of small moonstones and engravings in the wood symbolise the circle of life and the mood of the earth tone.

The soft cedar wood gives it a warm, mellow sound.