Concert Monochord MO-30K

ART.-NO.: MO-30K EAN: 4250418401739

Monochord and melody




  • Wood: frame - cherry, soundboard - ash
  • Strings: 20 overtone strings in C - 5 bass strings in C - 5 fifth strings in G
  • Size: 134 x 30 x 10 cm
  • Accessories: Incl. tuner, tuning key, spare strings, 8 riders and a diatonic tuning template and 2 sticks for percussive santoor playing style
  • Biologically treated with hard wax oil
  • Made in Germany
  • Matching bags, feet and mallets available separately



Assistance & inspiration

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The string arrangement is the same as the Monolina - the sound is much deeper.

Thefine, multi-stringed sound of the concert monochord carries for a long time. The recurring waves of the monochord create a carpet of sound. The koto with its riders provides melodic impulses, the fifth adds the tambura effect to the monochord and the santoor is played with sticks. The interplay of the monochrome monochord and the liveliness of the koto strings enables fine meditative compositions.

The one-sided concert monochord is strung with 20 overtone strings, 5 bass strings and 5 fifth strings. It is suitable for accompanying meditation, singing or as a solo instrument.

The strings above the riders can be plucked individually or bowed like a harp. Like a koto, the riders can also be pressed down on the untuned side after plucking so that the tone increases its frequency or creates a vibrato. The tuning template provides a diatonic scale with 8 tabs. The tabs can be moved at will, even by the professional while playing, and a variety of other tunings can be set.

As a rhythm instrument:

It is great fun to rhythmically strike the strings with chopsticks, felt or santoori mallets.


The finest feeltone craftsmanship made from high-quality materials, lovinglycrafted from the plank to the strings in the north-east of Germany on the beautiful Baltic Sea and shipped all over the world.

Feet can be ordered separately on request: Item no.: MO-D