The feeltone woodshop

In 2015, we were able to expand our woodshop, in the process we made the stud frame, floors and paneling from the hall out of wood. This creates a very warm atmosphere. We are pleased with our large hall, which now includes the machine room, the bench room and the oil room. The string workshop is also in this building.

Werkstatt Rohbau

For instrument making, the raw planks arrive at one end of the hall, are air dried for years in some cases and go through many steps of processing, refining and finishing.



The handwork becomes more and more refined, to be packed at the other end of the hall after stringing or fine tuning


to await sale in the administration building and warehouse. However, many models are also shipped to customers immediately.


In the last few years we have developed a lot of helpful and handy accessories for the instruments.

Rundständer auf der Stange

We use as much of our valuable wood as possible, which is why there are also very small instruments. There are as many women as men working in the production.

Klangwelle in Werkstatt

We are constantly developing our existing instruments and researching new instruments, accessories and new models. In the last few years we have registered several designs.