Full Moon Drumming

We have been meeting and drumming together every full moon since 1997. However, the Full Moon Drumming is much, much older and is practiced around the world.

In the current crisis we have opened the ritual and invite all our friends, customers and all people who have an instrument to join in. If you don't have an instrument, take your voice, you always have it with you.

We always meet at our place (MEZ) from 19-22 o'clock. There are three fires in close proximity to us where we gather for Full Moon Drumming.

During these special times, everyone is invited to join in alone, at their home, or in a small circle. We  sometimes can feel when many people join in.

Since the timing of the full moon shifts from region to region, there is always someone drumming, all day long. And so a web of sounds forms, beyond intellectual thought.

It's not an online event, it's an offline event. We remind everyone a few days in advance who has signed up on our email list.

We include the drumming in a very simple ritual and send along with each email a theme for the time of drumming. You can also just use the email as a reminder and of course contribute your own ritual and theme. Our wish is connection, clarity and openness. Therefore it is important to us that no drugs or alcohol are taken in the time around the Full Moon Drumming. So nothing clouds our mind.

More, gladly in the next mail.


Vollmond in den Alabama Hills

Vollmond am Pazifik