Koshi - Wind Chime

Finely tuned wind chimes

Discover the cheerfulness of bamboo - with the delicate sounding koshis in the feeltone range. The beautifully shaped wind chimes are lovingly crafted in France from the best materials and enchant everyone with their unique sound. Browse through our online store and choose your favorite from our wide range of models.


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Delicately crafted Koshis from France - at feeltone

Our koshis are wind chimes made of laminated bamboo with 8 reeds. They are very finely and sweetly tuned in pentatonic tuning and are made in the French Pyrenees. They also impress with their smooth, perfectly shaped appearance: a cylindrical bamboo resonator surrounds the 8 finely tuned metal rods, creating a wonderful little wind chime.

The features of our Koshis at a glance:

  • 4 different timbres
  • Material: laminated bamboo
  • Body length: 16.5 cm
  • Made in France

The Koshis are also available from feeltone with a matching stand made of rattan and beech. Three spikes are attached to the bent and polished rattan: you can hang your koshi on the middle one and optionally a small gong on the outer ones.

Play koshis and gain new sound experiences

Hold the chime by the upper cord and gently move it back and forth: the crystal-clear, relaxing sound will enchant everyone. You can use it to clean rooms or create a gentle atmosphere for meditation. The Koshis also sound on their own with a breeze, but without being intrusive. Play your Koshi wind chimes indoors, attach them to doors or windows or hang them outdoors under a roof.

Our Koshis are available in different versions - coordinated with the four elements of fire, water, earth and air. The color in the logo indicates the tuned element:

  • Red: Fire - Ignis: g - b - d - g - b - d - g - a
  • Blue: Water - Aqua: a - d - f - g - a - d - f - a
  • Green: Earth - Terra: g - c - e - f - g - c - e - g
  • Yellow: Air - Aria: a - c - e - a - b - c - e - b

You can play all four elemental moods together or hang them next to each other.

Elemental soundscapes - experience new worlds of sound up close

The koshis at feeltone can also be combined with other instruments. Discover our new Tinka Tong Elements, the Zenko Elements and the Sansula Elements for your individual, intuitive sound experience.