Are you looking for a connection to balance and change in sound? Then our Elemental Soundscapes Terra Collection is just right for you. The perfectly coordinated sound instruments are dedicated to the element of earth. Connect with the earth, its power to hold and transform - your physical body.

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Elemental Soundscapes Terra Collection

These instruments go perfectly with our monochords Monolina and Monolini in tuning "C" and "F" - and with each other!

Elemental Soundscapes - Harmonic sounds without notes, without thinking!

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Being in the flow, creativity, gratitude - goes with monochord "D"
Grounding, matter, transformation - goes with monochord "C" and "F"
Clarity, communication, flexibility - goes with monochord "A"
Creativity, leadership, self-empowerment - goes with monochord "G"


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Elemental Soundscapes Terra - Being in resonance with the earth means being in the now

The early spiritual disciplines attribute a renewing and life-giving characteristic to the element of earth, as the earth on the outside and the body on the inside correspond. If you take good care of both, you are in balance. Connect with your transformative power within and in the world around you through the sound of the Elemental Soundscapes Terra Collection. The Terra Collection combines four perfectly coordinated sound instruments:

  • Tinka Tong Terra
  • Zenko® Terra
  • Sansula Terra
  • Koshi Terra

The sound instrument set is tuned to the earth tone - 432 Hz. It has a particularly harmonizing and relaxing effect on the body. Thanks to the Elemental Soundscapes Terra Collection by feeltone, time-consuming selection and trying out different instruments is a thing of the past. You can use them immediately to create harmonious soundscapes.

For use with all regular instruments and for educational purposes, we have suitable models tuned to 440 Hz. Tinka Tong, Zenko® and Sansula are already available in 440 Hz.

A perfect combination: Monochords and Elemental Soundscapes Terra Collection by feeltone

Our feeltone monochords Monolina and Monolini in the tunings C and F are the ideal basis for the Elemental Soundscapes Terra Collection, as they can be combined with any instrument from it: from the Sansula Terra with its cheerful major pentatonic, to the Tinka Tong Terra - created in the 6-note pentatonic - to the sonorous Koshi Terra and the bright-sounding Zenko® Terra.

When played in combination, they create a unique tapestry of sound. After playing, you will feel reinvigorated and ready for something new. You can use the sound instruments individually for therapeutic and meditative purposes.

Elemental Soundscapes Terra - Experience your personal transformation

Would you like to experience the art of transformation up close and connect intuitively with the element of earth? Our Elemental Soundscapes Terra Collection will inspire you both as a sound therapist and as an individual when you initiate a sound bath with like-minded people.

The special selection of instruments in the Terra Collection allows us to

  • us to relax in the now, without tomorrow or yesterday and
  • to listen to the playful interplay of the instruments,
  • experience grounding and
  • ourselves and the planet.

With our instruments from the Elemental Soundscapes Terra Collection, anyone can produce creative sounds - from small children to the oldest people. Everyone acts intuitively - without notes, without thinking, without guidelines - in order to be in the flow of life. That's why the Elemental Soundscapes by feeltone are the perfect gift for friends and family. You can choose the ideal instrument for each person and create your own individual sound together as a group.

Our recommendation: For the safe transportation of your Terra Collection, you can order a Monolini bag MO-21-TA with your set. It offers enough space for the four instruments Tinka Tong Terra, Zenko® Terra, Sansula Terra and Koshi Terra.

Discover the full variety of Elemental Soundscapes by feeltone

Our range of Elemental Soundscapes by feeltone is constantly growing. You can already look forward to the following sound instrument sets:

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We invite you to place a bowl of earth, your favorite stone and a few coins in the middle of your Elemental Soundscapes Earth Collection while you play. Observe what images, thoughts or songs come to you.