Spirit Flutes

simple - light - fragrant

Do you love playing traditional instruments that bring you closer to nature? Then you should try our spirit flutes from High Spirits. The perfectly shaped models in a practical travel format are ideal if you want to have your flute with you at all times and experience its sound anywhere in the world.


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Tradition in a new guise - High Spirits flutes at feeltone

The spirit flutes from High Spirit are similar in their natural construction to the Indian love flute. However, instead of the usual fetish, only a flat piece of wood covers the blowing channel. This makes them a real alternative to our traditional Native American flutes for anyone who likes to travel and play on the go. This is because the removable bird fetish is a delicate element that can shift and break relatively easily. You therefore need to be particularly careful when transporting it. But not so with our Spirit flutes: the glued-on fetish is artfully decorated and also much less sensitive to external influences. This makes the instruments particularly easy to store in a bag or small rucksack and they are ready to use straight away.

High-quality tonewood - Spanish cedar for High Spirits flutes

Warm high notes and powerful, deep tones are typical of the Spirit flutes in our range. Thanks to their unmistakable sound characteristics, they can be used as an accompanying instrument as well as a main instrument. The short mouthpiece minimizes the accumulation of moisture in the blowing area and creates sufficient back pressure to emphasize the clarity of the higher notes.

The High Spirits flutes at feeltone are made from Spanish cedar, which captivates with its very own lightness and beguiling fragrance. The correct botanical name for this tonewood is West Indian cedar and it is often used as a substitute for mahogany. The relatively soft wood is very easy to work with and is resistant to pest infestation thanks to its natural essential oils. Every Spirit flute in our range is also sealed with ecological oils to give it a full, resonant and warm voice. Play it yourself and feel the sound - with feeltone!

Well (in)tuned - the high-spirits flutes at feeltone

We offer the High Spirits flutes in our online store in two different versions: Opt for tuning to concert pitch A at 440 Hz or the natural, slightly lower earth tone tuning at 432 Hz. What's special about the earth tone tuning? The sounds of these flutes can have a harmonizing effect on your body and help to synchronize the cerebral hemispheres. This is because they embody the traditional, original tone.

All Spirit flutes are tuned in a minor key and have 6 holes. The third fourth hole of each instrument is covered with a leather strap. This means you can play the flutes either as a 5-hole or 6-hole version.

At feeltone, you can choose from high-spirits flutes with different tunings:

  • B minor
  • A minor
  • G minor
  • F# minor
  • E minor
  • D minor
  • C minor
The naturally matt and treated surface and the artistic design with bird motifs and moonstone inlays give each instrument an individual look that emphasizes the acoustics of your unique playing.

How to play your traditional Spirit flute

Our High Spirits flutes are slightly shorter than other traditional flutes. This makes them not only ideal for traveling, but also easy to play for smaller hands. Young and old alike can try them out and feel the unique sound with every note. Get involved in this special sound experience - whether you have played the flute before or not, it doesn't matter.

The most important thing when playing all Spirit flutes is posture and feeling: adopt a proud posture - it supports the feeling and also benefits the sound. When held horizontally to the body, significantly less moisture collects in the wind chamber of the flute. This prevents the air channel from becoming blocked and allows you to play a clean, clear tone. You should also make sure that you always cover the tone holes evenly with your fingers in order to produce the desired sound. This also applies to the leather strap, which must cover the hole completely.

The High Spirits flutes in the feeltone range fit into much smaller bags and can be carried in any suitcase, rucksack or even your handbag.

Would you like to find out more about the first-class instruments at feeltone? Then browse through our online store and discover more traditional flutes, our double nova flutes and the right accessories for your natural flute.