Premium Monolinas

The Premium Monolina range

exclusive and precious woods - noble jewels

vitalizing - melodious - rhythmic - exclusive

feeltone has created a premium series of its world famous Monolina body monochords (patent protected) with great attention to detail.

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feeltone has created a premium series of its world famous Monolina body monochords (patent protected) with great attention to detail. The construction is identical to the standard Monolinas, with the resonance chamber curved outwards. Very many individual parts of the feeltone Premium Monolinas are finely handcrafted to fit exactly as a single piece. The special wood combinations are already touching by their own color language. All Premium Monochords are sold as a traveler set with backpack bag, round stand and extension, several mallets, case, mats and online introduction.

  • Inverse Premium Monolina:
    Ash frame - Cherry top and back - the color equivalent of the standard Monolina, a sophisticated play of colors in a pair - yin and yang.
  • Cherry Monolina:
    Cherry frame - cherry top and bottom, completely uni in color, reddish soft, noble with seamless transition of frame and soundboard, as well as all accessories in cherry.
  • Jasmin Monolina:
    Maple frame - maple top and back - all white, innocently pure like the delicate scent of jasmine, classy with seamless transition of frame and soundboard, as well as all accessories in maple.
  • Ruby Monolina:
    Padouk frame - maple top and back - the fiery one - the lady in red - passionate, enthusiastic and clear line between frame and soundboard, accessories and rider in opposite colors.
  • Ebony & Ivory Monolina:
    Wenge frame - maple top and back - black and white - like ebony and ivory, the piano keys - absolute yin and yang, the balance of light and dark, our noblest feeltone Monolina, accessories and rider color opposite.

Developed by feeltone to be able to put on or put on many different parts of the body, the back, the lap, the neck, the back of the knees, the feet, the upper and also the lower abdomen. We string these body monochords in the open monochord tuning with one segment for the high notes, one for the octave and one segment for the fifths strings. So you are free to decide if you want to play only the high, only the low, or only the fifth strings or only the two octaves together. There are no limits to your creativity. The beginner's instrument Monolini, with its 21 strings is particularly light and handy and is well suited as an accompanying instrument to the Monolina. Our bestseller, the 34-string Monolina, on which feeltone training also takes place, is considerably more versatile. Under the top high notes, 5 tabs can be positioned with a template. With this you build in the melodic koto section, which is used to add melodic tones to the monochord's monochromatic sound from time to time, which the brain can then use to continue its own melodies. Our construction is very light and at the same time able to cope with many climatic situations around the world.

With mallets, both models can also be played percussively like a santoori.

feeltone training

For a professional handling and best possible use of all monochords and sound furniture we recommend the training with Martina Gläser-Böhme It is important to us to impart as much knowledge as possible about the handling and use of our valuable and lovingly made instruments, so that you can discover the full potential of the instrument and yourself as a player. The Monolina is the basis for playing techniques, interaction and language development for the experienced. What comes up involuntarily is the experience of monochord playing circles, which you can take home as an idea to network with friends and other players in your region.

Tuning, string change, stencil use

All info on this can be found in the instruction manual included with the instrument, as well as all accessories:

  • Choice of 5 tunings: D, F, G, A, C
  • Tuner
  • Tuning key
  • Spare strings
  • 5 tabs and template
  • 2 santoori and 2 felt mallets
  • A transport bag with backpack strap and feeltone lettering.
  • 30 min Skype/Zoom training in English or German
  • Bow feet 28cm high with socket for
  • Extension for elevation for the high stand version, to be able to play sitting on the chair
  • Foam mats for scratch-free transport of stand and instrument in the bag.
  • Felt and santoori mallets for percussive playing of the Monolina
  • Everything fits into the Monolina bag with backpack strap

Visit our feeltone TV on YouTube and you can learn everything you need to know about tuning, changing strings, using templates etc.

Visit our feeltone TV on YouTube

Care stringed instruments:

Our monochords should be cared for as follows:

  • The wood does not need to be treated or cared for. If water gets on it, please wipe it off immediately. If there are stains on the wood, simply leave them or wipe lightly with an oily cloth (hard oil, or transparent cooking oil if necessary).
  • The strings will tarnish over time, i.e. get dark spots. Especially the wound strings - this is not rust, but oxidized deposits of the fingers from the light, which are deposited between the windings. Always wash your hands before playing.
  • Replacing the strings is not necessary, the strings are, contrary to guitar strings, quite gently tensioned and can last forever. If strings break, they can be replaced with original feeltone strings. They are specially designed for us and the sound of the instrument is best with the strings designed for it. You can find a special care product for the strings in your local music store.
  • We recommend covering the instrument with a soft cloth to prevent rapid detuning due to weather conditions. Avoid direct sunlight.