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Wellness for body, mind and soul

The basic idea behind our sound furniture: lie or sit in the middle of an instrument's resonance chamber - and be part of it yourself. Feel the vibrations from your head to your toes, so that your bone system becomes a resonating body. In this way, you are in tune with the instrument and gradually become attuned again.


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Stop time and arrive: realign through deep relaxation with sound furniture

Our sound furniture has a special inherent power that touches all facets of being. From the first note, the sound slowly and gently takes hold of the whole body and spreads out further and further. Muscle tension eases, the heart becomes calm. Everyday worries disappear and a pleasant "coming home" sets in - a small miracle for anyone who has never experienced this before. After the sound therapy, a feeling of rest, relaxation, recharging of strength and refueling of the whole organism appears immediately. This is what our sound furniture is all about. In them we have perfected the idea of feeltone - feel the sound - for various fields of application.

Refined sound furniture from feeltone - perfect for every mood

Klangwelle - monochord and slotted drums in one instrument

The Klangwelle is the first sound furniture from Ingo Böhme's sound workshop and until today the most unique sound massage instrument. In its body-formed beauty and combined with the two main instruments of the feeltone production, the client lies extremely comfortably.

With its monotone sound carpet and overtones, the monochord creates a feeling of lightness and allows time and space to be transcended. This is especially beneficial to people with tension and to those who think too much and become mentally armored.

The slit drum is a rhythm instrument with very low tones. Unlike the monochord, the rhythm gives structure and creates order. As a supplement after a monochord treatment, the sound of the slit drum can help to arrive again in the world.

The handling of the sound wave is designed to be particularly intuitive for all involved: Without re-bedding the client, the player simply changes the sides of the wave and gets a completely opposite sound image. What is good for the individual at the moment can vary depending on the mood of the day. Some people like the monochord right away, others more like the drum. So you can first test what suits the mood of the client.

The two instruments are rarely played together - at least not as long as someone is lying on the sound furniture. The tonal statements of monochord and slit drum are too different to achieve a positive effect in sound therapy together. For a professional handling and best possible use of the sound furniture we recommend the training with Martina Gläser-Böhme.

Sound massage couch - relax with the monochord

Just as popular as the sound wave is our sound massage couch, in the development of which we have invested a lot of time and energy. Step by step we gained new knowledge to perfect it for sound therapy. The result: an incomparably tuning stable instrument full of lightness - and that with a tensile weight of the strings of 15 tons.

The feeltone sound massage couch is suitable both as an introduction to a classical massage and as a pure sound massage instrument. The fine vibration sensitizes body perception and gently releases physical and psychological blockages. The touchless immersion into new sound worlds is also possible with this sound furniture.

Sound chairs - special seating furniture for more security

Our new development from 2018 are the sound chairs "monchair". Manufactured in our own workshop, they find great recognition worldwide thanks to their pleasing shaped parts and the many color variations - whether in living rooms, offices, studios or practices. We also offer classic monochord sound chairs and our Omchair models.

Our desire is to pick up each person in his or her individual way sonically. Therefore, the sound chairs are available in different tunings at feeltone:

  • Monochord tuning
  • Tambura tuning
  • Omchair version
The sound chair "monchair" is equipped with a monochord tuning: In the middle of the backrest are the bare strings. On the left and right outside are the wound strings, which sound one octave lower. You can bow from the inside to the outside while playing - recommended if you sit behind the chair - or from one side to the other. This gives you the opportunity to observe your client's face and breathing and to maintain contact.

Tambura tuning is more fixed and follows the string order D, d, d, a, which is repeated several times. Here we recommend keeping the playing direction and sounding the same theme over and over again.

The omchair version has, in addition to the plain overtone strings (c#) in the middle, 8 monochord strings on each side, which are an octave lower (C#). This is followed by a high (g#) and a low (GIS) fifth string, and finally a very low octave string (CIS).

What is feeltone's sound furniture suitable for?

The unique nature of sound furniture can be used in many different ways. From basic perception exercises in kindergartens to complex sound therapies in clinics and practices, many things are possible. The work with people with disabilities can be supported as well as the spiritual development with the help of a sound massage. We would like to give you a small insight into what the sound furniture from feeltone is suitable for:

  • Clinic and rehab: Massages for a positive experience of your own body and release of tension.
  • Massage practices: tuning in and out for the classical massage
  • Talk-, logo- and occupational therapy: release first fears and blockades, gain confidence
  • Addiction and drug therapy: positive experience of one's own body
  • Hospice and palliative care: create a touch with music - beyond language
Are you curious how our sound furniture works? Then visit our YouTube channel!