Monolini and Monolina

discover new worlds of sound

The Monolini and Monolina body monochords from feeltone have been developed with an outwardly curved resonance chamber so that they can be placed on many different parts of the body: the back, the lap, the neck, the back of the knees, the feet, the upper and lower abdomen. Tune in and feel the sound!


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Create your individual sound with Monolini and Monolina

As a standard, all Monolinis and Monolinas are built with a cherry wood frame and a top and bottom made of barred ash wood. Our proprietary construction is very lightweight while being able to handle many climates around the world. As a special treat, we build premium monolinas with beautiful colored woods, where all the individual parts are hand-stringed to match the overall design.

We string these body monochords in the open monochord tuning with

  • one segment for the high notes
  • one for the octave and
  • one segment for the fifth strings.
So you are free to decide whether you want to play only the high, only the low or only the fifth strings - alternatively the two octaves together. There are no limits to your creativity.

All body monochord models can be equipped with a bag as a traveler set. The Monolini-Traveller-Set embeds the instrument gently and safely in the backpack bag - with the Monolina-Traveller-Set you will find different types of stands and mallet accessories to be prepared for all sitting and playing possibilities on the road. With mallets, Monolini and Monolina can also be played percussively like a Santoori.

Monolini - the delicate beginning

The beginner's instrument Monolini with its 21 strings is particularly light and handy. This makes it well suited as an accompanying instrument for the monolina. The Monolini from feeltone is available in 5 different basic tunings: D, F, G, A and C. The small instrument is timelessly designed and accompanies you gently while letting go and arriving.

The traveler set for the Monolini includes:

  • Carrying case with backpack strap and feeltone logo
  • 30 minutes Skype or Zoom training in German or English

Monolina - harmonics in concert

Our bestseller, the 34-string Monolina, on which feeltone training also takes place, has the same basis as the Monolini with the 5 basic tunings, but is much more versatile: 5 tabs can be positioned under the uppermost high notes with a template. With this you build in the melodic koto section. It is used to add melodic tones to the monochromatic sound of the Monolina monochord from time to time, which the brain can then use to continue its own melodies. Alternative Playing: Feel the vitalizing effect of this instrument when playing rhythmically on the monolina.

Premium Monolinas - Elegance Meets Uniqueness

Our monolinas made of the most diverse wood combinations are particularly valuable:

  • Monolina "Invers": frame: ash, soundboard: cherry
  • Monolina "Cherry": frame: cherry, soundboard: cherry
  • Monolina "Jasmin": frame: maple, soundboard: maple
  • Monolina "Rubin": side: padouk, soundboard: maple
  • Monolina "Ebony & Ivory": frame: wenge, soundboard: maple
Thanks to the different woods, the custom-made instruments have individual visual and tonal characteristics - whether light, sweeping, stimulating or intense. Be curious about further noble monochords!

Also included with the Traveller Set for the Monolina and all Premium Monolinas:
  • Arched feet with 28 cm height and socket
  • Stand extension to play sitting on the chair
  • Foam mats for scratch-free transport of stand and instrument in the bag
  • felt and santoori mallets for percussive playing on the monolina
  • everything fits into the monolina bag with backpack strap

Various accessories for monolina and monolini monochords

In feeltone's assortment you will of course also find the right accessories for monochords. Depending on the instrument, some components are already included in the purchase. These include our Monolinis and Monolinas:

  • Tuner
  • tuning key
  • Spare strings
  • Sticks as simple mallets
  • 5 riders and template (only for Monolina)
How to tune your Monolini or Monolina, change the strings and use the tuning template correctly, you learn relaxed at feeltone. Visit our YouTube channel to learn more!

The training at feeltone - monochord playing with feeling

For a professional handling and best possible use of all monochords and sound furniture we recommend the training with Martina Gläser-Böhme (Ma-Mer). It is important to us to impart as much knowledge as possible about the handling and use of our valuable and lovingly made instruments. This way you can discover the full potential of the instrument and your own as a player. In our training, the monolina is the basis for learning playing techniques and interplay. The sounds and experiences that arise involuntarily in the monochord playing circles you can take home as ideas to network with friends and other players in your region.