Kalimbas on a membrane

Traditionally, the kalimba is the instrument of South African storytellers. It has many names such as zanza, mbira, nsansi and thumb piano. The player enchants his audience with dreamlike sounds and melodies as he plucks the reeds. As a further development of this instrument, the sansulas offer even more tonal possibilities.


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Enchanting sounds, great feel, beautiful shape - typical Sansulas

The sansula consists of a block kalimba mounted on a membrane. This is stretched on an oval wooden frame. The sansula therefore produces a significantly greater resonance than a block kalimba. This little miracle of sound enchants everyone with its minor tuning.

As the body is open at the bottom, the sound becomes even fuller when the player places the sansula on their lap or on a soft surface. A very special effect is created when the sansula is raised and lowered at different speeds during this application. This change in the resonance chamber creates an enchanting vibrato. It seems electrically generated, but it is pure physics and is ideal for dreamy, rhythmic effects. Sansulas can be played by anyone, even without any knowledge of sheet music or music.

The right model for every sansula player - in the feeltone online store

In our range you will find three different sansula models, which differ in their construction and the skin used.

Sansula Basic

The Sansula Basic is classically made with a stable cellulose membrane. The instrument can last forever in this form, but is sensitive to knocks. Our recommendation: treat your Sansula like a valuable violin - then you will enjoy it for a long time. If the membrane does break, you can have it repaired by the manufacturer at a fair price or upgrade to an indestructible Sansula Renaissance.

Sansula Renaissance

The Sansula Renaissance was specially developed to create a particularly stable model that is even suitable for children's hands. It consists of a reinforced wooden frame with a slightly raised edge, in which a REMO© plastic drumhead is mounted.

Sansula Deluxe

For the true aficionado of the sansula, there is the deluxe version, in which the kalimba is mounted on a visually appealing calf skin. It is also virtually indestructible. However, as natural skins have a tendency to stretch or become limp with changes in humidity, the deluxe version has tuning screws built into the frame of the body. This means that the skin of the Sansula Deluxe can be tightened as required and always sounds good. When tightening, the frame is pushed apart so that the skin stretches.

The Sansulas at feeltone at a glance

At feeltone you get 3 Sansula models with 9 tongues or notes in A minor (a, c', e', f', a', a', h', c'', e'') and 2 larger Sansula melody models with 11 tongues in G major (g, a, e, d, c, g, d, g, f sharp, b, a).

Further features:

  • Wooden frame made from European beech
  • Skin optionally made of cellulose or synthetic percussion skin from REMO© - the 9-note sansula also on calf skin
  • Kalimba block made from American cherry
  • biologically treated with hard oil
  • 100 % made in Germany

With a little experience, you can also retune your sansula by moving the reeds back and forth with a hammer and a tuning iron. Take care never to loosen the screws.

Sansulas made by Hokema

The feeltone range has included sansulas from the renowned manufacturer Hokema since their invention in 2001. Hugo Hokema has developed them in a quality that allows you to experience sound, manageability and aesthetics in their highest form. The now five models of the Sansula have been perfected thanks to the use of the best materials. Hokema sets the highest standards here - which we are happy to offer you in the feeltone online store.

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