Strings for Monochords

Buy monochord strings: Experience the highest quality with feeltone monochord strings

Discover the secret behind the unique sounds of your monochord - our high-quality strings from feeltone. Developed over years and perfected to perfection, our strings offer unparalleled sound quality and playability.

Exclusive production in a small string factory in Germany


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Exclusive production in a small string manufactory in Germany

Our strings are manufactured exclusively in a small string factory in Germany, where every detail is handled with the utmost care and precision. The use of high-quality materials and the craftsmanship of our string makers guarantee first-class performance and longevity.

Available to buy individually or as a set

Whether you need individual strings or want a complete set - at feeltone you will find the right selection for your monochord. And as the market leader for strings in Germany, we stand for quality and reliability that you can rely on.

Different types of strings for every model

We offer a variety of string types for each model, including overtone, quint & bass strings for the monolina or the koto and tambura strings for our large monochords. These string types allow you to create different tonal nuances and give your playing an individual touch.

Experience the magic of our feeltone monochord strings and immerse yourself in a world of inspiring sounds and musical possibilities!