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feeltone sound chairs - For the little sound massage in between

Relaxing each other - whether at work or after dinner at home. With a sound chair from feeltone, body and mind find harmony again. And of course it is also a real eye-catcher for any living room, surgery, office or public space.


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Feel the sound - with sound chairs from feeltone

Take a seat in our sound chair and find your individual comfortable sitting position in its resonance area. The sound surrounds you like an invisible space. You feel the vibration in the shortest time in the whole body up into your bone system and become a part of the instrument. Your muscles relax, your heart becomes calm - immediately your everyday worries disappear and a pleasant "coming home" sets in. This is how a feeltone sound chair naturally puts you back in the right mood. After the sound chair therapy a feeling of rest and relaxation, of energy and refueling spreads through you. A small miracle for everyone who has never experienced this before. With our sound chairs, we have perfected the idea of feeltone - "feel the sound" - for the living and working areas in a wide variety of applications.

Behind the scenes - the history of the feeltone sound chair

The classic sound chair was already developed in 2003 by Ingo Böhme and Martina Gläser-Böhme. It has a rather conservative shape and, thanks to its unique functionality, is particularly popular with institutions. The wooden side panels prevent the person sitting in the chair from falling out of it, so that he or she can completely devote themselves to the relaxation process or even fall asleep in it. That is why every sound chair at feeltone is made very stable and with a secure stand.

A modern interpretation of the classic is the feeltone sound chair monchair. It was created over a development period of 4 years and has not a single right angle - which is a real challenge for any carpenter. Nevertheless, these sound chairs are fully developed in their function, extremely robust and stable and 100% formed in our workshop.

Get into the right mood with feeltone sound chairs

Our feeltone sound chair in monochord tuning has up to 30 overtone strings in c and 30 bass strings in C behind the backrest. Alternatively, this classic sound chair is also available in tambura tuning C, c, c, g. Special features of our sound chairs:

  • Up to 10 tons of tension weight of the strings on a wooden body - without using metal.
  • With a load capacity of up to 150 kg, all feeltone sound chairs maintain their tuning stability with ease.
  • In the case of the classic sound chair, the two sides keep the back panel tuning stable and provide great security for the person sitting on it.
  • The curved back surface on the monchair sound chair, shaped by us, ensures the best sound, ergonomic sitting and absolute high tuning stability.
  • Despite a tensile weight of the strings of up to 10 tons on the wooden body - we do not use metal for stabilization.
  • Thanks to special processing methods, worldwide shipping and many years of stability in all climatic zones are possible.
The strings of our sound chairs are gently and evenly bowed, setting the whole chair in vibration so that the sound guest is also lovingly touched by it. While seated, the body retains a certain control, in contrast to the lying position on the sound massage table- it is deeply moved and yet remains alert.

A feeltone sound massage is an intensive experience, which you can learn in the practice of Martina Gläser-Böhme at the Baltic Sea in several blocks. Because it is a true art of perception and mindfulness to lead a sound massage individually successful to get from everyday life into a deep relaxation and slowly back into a new world. The manifold possibilities of playing with the overtone instrument open new gates of musicality, sound development and application possibilities.

Buy your high-quality sound chair and use it in many ways

Working with sound chairs can be an enrichment in many professional fields - whether you offer perception exercises in kindergarten or want to promote the positive experience of your own body in the context of rehabilitation measures. Sound workers, for example, use the sounding chairs for short sound sessions of up to 15 minutes, which bit by bit can promote deep relaxation and release deep blockages. As a prelude to a classic massage or in the course of talk, speech and occupational therapy, our sound chairs can also have a positive effect.

How to take the best care of your sound chair

The monochords of our sound chairs require only little care and should be treated as carefully as other (string) instruments.

Our tips so that you can enjoy them for a long time:

  • The wood of the sound chair does not need to be treated or cared for. If water gets on it, wipe it off immediately. Possible stains can be removed with an oily cloth (hard oil, or transparent cooking oil if necessary).
  • The strings will tarnish over time, especially the wound ones. This is not rust, but oxidized deposits from your fingers that collect between the windings when you play. It helps to always wash your hands before playing. To polish the strings, you can buy products in guitar shops.
  • It is not necessary to replace the strings, because they are - unlike guitar strings - quite gently stretched and can last forever. If strings break, you can replace them with original feeltone strings. They were developed especially for us, so the sound of the instrument is at its best with the strings designed for it.
  • To prevent rapid detuning due to weather conditions, we recommend covering the sound chair with a soft cloth. Please avoid direct sunlight when setting up the instrument.
On our YouTube channel you will find various videos on the tuning of our sound furniture, its construction and the different ways of playing as well as on the use of feeltone accessories.