Monochord sound for deep relaxation and letting go

Slit drum rhythm for integration and realignment

Ergonomic lying - on both sides an instrument - sound from heaven and earth

Lying gently bedded in the resonance space of the sound wave, the sound arches over the client like an invisible space.

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Lying gently bedded in the resonant space of the sound wave, the sound arches over the client like an invisible space. Through the phenomenon that the vibration can be felt throughout the body and the bone system is the resonating body, you yourself become part of the instrument and literally tune in again little by little. The sound slowly and gently takes hold of the whole body and spreads out further and further. Very quickly we lose the location from which the sound comes, it is soon everywhere. The muscle tension gives way, the heart becomes calm. In a moment, everyday worries and problems disappear and a pleasant "coming home" sets in. A small miracle for anyone who has never experienced this before. Afterwards a feeling of rest, relaxation, drawing strength and refueling.

Did I hear voices or singing, what was it?

With the sound wave, we have perfected the idea of feeltone "feel the sound" for the living and working area for the most diverse areas of application and application possibilities.

The feeltone sound wave has on one side a monochord with 21 overtone strings and 15 bass strings, plus another 4 extra low bass strings in C, which are gently and evenly bowed and set the whole instrument vibrating. The sound guest on it is gently touched by the vibration of our deepest instrument with the longest strings. While lying down, the body experiences a much deeper relaxation than while sitting, all control is released and a journey inward begins. A feeltone sound massage is an intense experience that can be learned in several blocks in the practice of Martina Gläser-Böhme at the Baltic Sea.

To lead a sound massage individually successfully, from everyday life into a deep relaxation and gently and slowly back into a new world is a true art of perception and mindfulness. Preparation and follow-up are important components. The manifold possibilities of playing with the overtone instrument open new doors of musicality and sound development.

The feeltone sound wave was developed in 2003 by Ingo Böhme and Martina Gläser-Böhme and has since been adapted several times visually and technically / statically, but already unchanged for over 15 years.

Special features of the sound wave:

  • Up to 12 tons of tension weight of the strings on a wooden body without the use of metal.
  • With a load capacity of up to 150 kg, the sound wave easily maintains its tuning stability.
  • Two professional instruments on both sides of the sound couch.
  • Choice of gentle and air-dried padouk or regional ash finish.
  • Longitudinally ergonomically curved lying surface for safe and comfortable lying.
  • Up to 4 add-on tables can hold singing bowls, whose sound is transmitted to the lying surface without interference.
  • The particularly pleasing design adorns any practice. In the brain, form is also sound.


Fields of application

Sound chairs are used in many different ways:

  • In kindergarten for perception exercises
  • Clinics and rehabilitation for massages to positively experience one's own body and release tensions
  • Massage practices for tuning in and tuning out during classical massages
  • Sound massage for well-being and spiritual development
  • Talk-, logo- and occupational therapy to release fears and blockades and to gain confidence
  • Addiction and drug therapy for a positive experience of one's own body.
  • Work with people with disabilities
  • Hospice and palliative care, music creates touch beyond language.

Possible applications

Different professional groups work quite differently with the sound chairs:

  • Sound workers use the lounger for extensive sound sessions of up to 1.5 hours. In several sessions, deep relaxation can be significantly expanded and deep blockages can be released. Also to massage areas that may not be touched by injuries. To conclude and bring back, ground and integrate, a gently invigorating game on the slit drum can prepare the client for life calmly again.
  • In trauma treatment, the feeltone sound couch can be used to massage without touching. In the process, fears and blockages can be released in order to eventually allow touch again.
  • Talk therapists love the sound and vibration as an introduction to their work, the client finds a gentle transition from the hamster wheel of everyday life to the deeper levels of the therapy session.
  • People who, for various reasons, have a negative relationship with their bodies experience a deep sense of acceptance and remembering what your body feels like with the feeling of "coming home."
  • People who are about to leave this life, or their loved ones, often experience a speechlessness. Giving sound to each other, finding a non-verbal level of exchange and allowing this "coming home" together allows for an undreamed of depth and connection.
  • Singing bowls can be placed on the crossbeam under the couch, on the couch itself or on the client and support them with their sound quality.

On YouTube you can find various videos in our channel, how the accessories can be used, how to tune the instrument and how it can be set up, used and played.

Visit our feeltone TV on YouTube

Care string instruments:

Our monochords are to be maintained as follows:

  • The wood does not need to be treated or maintained. If water gets on it, please wipe it off immediately. If stains on the wood have arisen, simply leave, or lightly wipe with an oily cloth (hard oil, if necessary also transparent cooking oil) over it.
  • The strings will tarnish over time, ie get dark spots. Especially the wound - this is not rust, but from the light oxidized deposits of the fingers, which are deposited between the windings. Against this always helps before the Speilen wash your hands.
  • Exchange of strings, is not necessary, the strings are against guitar strings quite gently tensioned and can last forever. If strings break this can of course be replaced with original feeltone strings. They are specially designed for us and the sound of the instrument is best with the strings designed for it. There are in music stores Mittelchen, with which you can maintain the strings, or degrease.
  • Against rapid detuning by weather influences, we recommend covering the instrument with a soft cloth. Avoid direct sunlight.