Spherical monochord for realignment and tounge drum rhythm for integration

Do you want to let go and enjoy deep relaxation? The monochord sound of the feeltone sound wave supports you with its unique effect. The gentle rhythm of the slit drum integrates what you have experienced. Experience the special sound of heaven and earth for your individual moment of well-being!


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Feel the sound - with sound waves from feeltone

Lying gently bedded in the resonance space of the sound wave and letting yourself be enveloped by its sound as if in a cocoon - that's what security feels like. The ergonomic lying surface of this unique sound furniture invites integration and a vigilant realignment. What's special about the feeltone sound wave is that it combines two instruments - a monochord on one side and a bass slit drum on the other. This allows the player to successively create gentle and releasing vibrations and deep grounding vibrations that you feel throughout your body. Together you will find the right vibration to tune you back in.

The feeltone sound wave - constantly changing over time

The feeltone sound wave was developed in 2003 by Ingo Böhme and Martina Gläser-Böhme. Since then it has been adapted several times optically and technically or statically - but in its sound experience it has remained unchanged for over 15 years.

When the player strokes the monochord strings lightly and evenly, the very low feeltone instrument is set into even vibration by a special stringing. The sound guest thus experiences a gentle touch. Since the body enters a much deeper state of relaxation when lying down than when sitting, it lets go of any control and the journey inward can begin.

Tune in - with the feeltone sound wave

The feeltone sound wave has on one side a monochord with 21 overtone strings, 15 bass strings and 4 more extra low bass strings in C. On the opposite side, a 4-note bass slit drum is integrated.

Special features of our sound wave:

  • Up to 12 tons of tension weight of the strings on a wooden body - without using metal.
  • With a load capacity of up to 150 kg, the Klangwelle easily maintains its tuning stability.
  • Two professional instruments on both sides of the sound furniture.
  • Available in either gently air-dried padouk or regional ash.
  • Lengthwise ergonomically curved reclining surface for safe and comfortable reclining.
  • Optionally, up to 4 clamping tables can be attached to the sound wave. They hold singing bowls or other instruments whose sounds are transmitted to the lying surface without interference.
  • The particularly pleasing design adorns any practice, because the brain also perceives form as sound.
A feeltone sound massage is an intensive experience, which you can learn in the practice of Martina Gläser-Böhme at the Baltic Sea in several blocks. Because it is a true art of perception and mindfulness to lead a sound massage individually successful to get from everyday life into a deep relaxation and slowly back into a new world. The many variations of playing the overtone instrument open new doors of musicality, sound development and application possibilities.

Buy your high-quality sound wave and use it in many ways

Our sound waves enrich therapy and massage offers in a very special way - and even in kindergartens or when working with people with disabilities, they can be used supportively.

  • Massage therapists use the instrument for tuning in and out during classical massage.
  • Talk, speech and occupational therapists use the sound wave to release fears and blockages in their patients and to awaken a feeling of security and "coming home".
  • In hospice and palliative care, music can create touch and encounter - beyond spoken language.
For deep relaxation, sound workers like to use the feeltone sound wave for extensive sound sessions of up to 1.5 hours. Even areas that may not be touched due to injuries can be massaged in a unique way without touching. To bring back, ground and integrate, a gently invigorating play on the slit drum can lead the person on the sound wave back into life and integrate experienced.

Care for your sound wave - for long-lasting joy of playing

The monochords of our sound waves need only little care and should be treated as carefully as other (string) instruments.

Our tips so that you can enjoy them for a long time:

  • You do not need to treat or care for the wood of the Klangwelle. However, you should wipe off water drops immediately. If necessary, you can treat possible stains with an oily cloth (hard oil, or transparent cooking oil if necessary).
  • The strings will tarnish over time, especially the wound ones. This is not rust, but oxidized deposits from your fingers that collect between the windings when you play. To prevent this, you should always wash your hands before playing.
  • You usually don't need to replace the strings of the sound shaft, because they are - in contrast to guitar strings - quite gently stretched and can last forever. If strings break, you can replace them with original feeltone strings. They were specially designed for us, so the sound of the instrument is most pleasing with the strings designed for it.
  • To prevent rapid detuning due to weather conditions, we recommend covering the sound shaft with a soft cloth. When setting up the instrument, please avoid direct sunlight.
On our YouTube channel you can find different videos about the tuning of our sound furniture, its construction and the different ways of playing as well as the use of feeltone accessories.