Monochord Table

Pure relaxation through contactless touch

Stop the wheel, unarmor yourself, recharge your batteries and be ready for something new - with our sound massage table, we have perfected the feeltone idea of "feel the sound" for various areas of application. The body experiences pleasant sound waves, the mind experiences deep relaxation and the soul arrives "at home".


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Find yourself - thanks to the feeltone sound massage table

You lie gently bedded in the resonance chamber of the sound massage table and the interplay of tones arches over you like an invisible space. Feel the vibration deep inside you, while your bone system acts as a resonating body. In this way, you yourself become part of the instrument - and gradually become tuned in again. The sound slowly and gently takes hold of your whole body and spreads out further and further. The tension in the muscles eases and the heart calms down. In an instant, everyday worries and problems disappear, and a pleasant feeling of "coming home" spreads. Rest, relaxation, recharging and refueling - this is typical for our unique sound massage table.

Sound massage makes the hidden strings sound

The feeltone sound massage couch has 30 overtone strings and 30 bass strings in D under the couch surface, which are gently and evenly bowed. This completely vibrates our deepest instrument with the longest strings and creates a gentle touch on the person resting on the couch. The advantage over other sound furniture is that while lying down, the body experiences a much deeper relaxation than while sitting - all control is released and a journey inward begins.

Our sound massage couch has been developed further and further over a period of 15 years until the present masterpiece was created. Through many challenges we have gained valuable knowledge and now proudly present our feeltone product: - The wooden body can withstand a string tension weight of up to 15 tons - without the use of metal. - The monochord sound massage couch holds its tuning stability with ease even with a load of up to 150 kg. - The double-curved soundboard produces the best possible sound, while the straight string plane is gentle on the user's shoulders. - The gently curved rest surface supports the shoulders and a secure resting position. - Thanks to special processing methods, many years of stability in all climatic zones is possible - and thus worldwide shipping. - The sound massage couch can be rotated on its own axis - this makes tuning easy and allows it to be used as a concert instrument. - The feet can be dismantled for space-saving storage. - At feeltone you benefit from a wide range of accessories for different professions and applications. - Singing bowls can be placed complementary on the crossbar under the couch, on the couch or on the client to support with their sound quality. You want to see, hear and experience our sound massage couch? Then take a look at our YouTube channel! There we show you in detail how it is built and how it is tuned and played. You will also learn what you can use the table for and how to best use our accessories.

Massage, therapy and self-awareness support - with our sound massage table

Our feeltone sound massage table can be used in many different ways. It is suitable for people of all ages and in different phases of life. Whether perception exercises in kindergarten, sound massages for spiritual development or releasing blockades and fears in the context of therapy offers - everyone can benefit from this special instrument.

Different professional groups work individually with the sound couch: - Sound workers use it for extensive sound sessions of up to 1.5 hours. In several sessions, the deep relaxation can be significantly expanded so that deep blockages are released. - Massage therapists often use the sound massage couch as an attunement to accelerate and deepen muscle relaxation. The couch, which was specially developed for physical massages, is also used in classic massage treatments - with an invigorating sound play at the end. - In trauma treatment, the feeltone sound massage couch can be used for non-contact massage. This helps to release fears and blockages so that touch can be allowed again in the future. - Talk therapists appreciate the sound and vibration as an introduction to their work. The client thus finds a gentle transition from everyday life into the deeper levels of the therapy session. - In palliative work, the sound massage couch can support people who are about to leave this life. Thus, their speechlessness and that of their loved ones is transferred into sound to find a non-verbal level of exchange. The "coming home" is allowed - an unimagined depth and connectedness is made possible.

Sound massage couch: easy-care string instrument from feeltone

Like any instrument, our monochords such as the sound massage couch need a little care now and then. As a rule, you do not need to treat the wood itself. However, always make sure to wipe off water immediately. If stains have already appeared, you can gently "massage" them out with a cloth soaked in hard oil.

The strings will tarnish over time, i.e. they will darken, but this will not harm the instrument or your playing. These oxidized deposits of the fingers settle especially in the windings of the wound strings. To avoid this, it helps to wash your hands thoroughly before each playing session. In addition, music stores offer products to degrease the strings.

Unlike guitar strings, you do not need to change the strings of the sound massage table. They are so gently stretched that they can last forever. If strings do break, they can easily be replaced with original feeltone strings. To prevent rapid detuning due to weather conditions, we recommend covering the instrument with a soft cloth. Position your sound massage table so that it is not directly in the sun.

Training in sound massage - with feeltone

A feeltone sound massage is an intensive experience, which can be learned in the practice of Martina Gläser-Böhme at the Baltic Sea in several block seminars. To lead a sound massage individually successfully is a true art of perception and mindfulness: from everyday life into a deep relaxation - gently and slowly back into a new world. In addition, preparation and follow-up are an important part. The manifold possibilities of playing with the overtone instrument open new doors of musicality and sound development. Experience it yourself in the training with the sound massage couch and feel the sound!