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We enrich your life with sound instruments for relaxation, intuitive music, meditation, inner peace, activation of self-healing powers and spiritual development. Feel the sound and enjoy the sound that you create yourself - without any previous musical knowledge, created in the moment.


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Experience special sound instruments

feeltone offers you a clear and well-arranged instrument program of acoustic sound instruments in highest quality and professionalism. Here you will find lovingly made and selected drums, string instruments, metal instruments and percussion instruments for melody and rhythm. Enjoy playful functionality, fine feel, finest finishes, elegant design and sensible manageability throughout.

Discover now:

Individual sound instruments - made by feeltone & fellows

More than 40 years ago Ingo Böhme started to build instruments - that was in 1982. Since that time he traveled for years through different countries, collected instruments, imported them to Germany and developed them further. The own creations in our workshops are the focus of our portfolio today. The program is supplemented by instruments from friendly instrument makers from all over the world, who inspire people in many areas of life and inspire them musically.

Specialist for slotted drums

From the beginning, the core competence of feeltone's founder was slotted drums. Small sound instruments soon developed into increasingly larger models that were suitable for sitting and lying on. Using the purest materials, he created instruments that were perfectly matched in shape, sound and color. Already at that time - under the name "BOING" (BOehme INGo) - he observed the healing effect of sound on players and clients, especially with deep sound tongues. As a result, more and more music therapists began to use the large slit drums for their work.

Monochords shaped feeltone

When monochords were put into production, the term feeltone - "feel the sound" - soon coined itself. This is because sound is experienced by far more areas of the body than the ear. We can feel vibrations because the bone system acts like a resonating chamber. Our emotional worlds are deeply touched in the blink of an eye and we instantly experience the healing "here and now" - everyday life simply fades into the background. This is the origin of the sound wave. It combines monochord and slit drum in one sound instrument. A new approach to sound therapy was born, which to this day allows many people around the world to feel the sound.

Discover what sound can do - with feeltone sound instruments

Activation of the self-healing powers

By starting to create sounds on our feeltone sound instruments completely without intention, you will notice that the hamster wheel of thoughts changes. As soon as you let go, hear and feel the sound, overtone melodies slowly develop under your hands. Thoughts fade away and your attention turns to the momentary, the unexpected and the special. In this moment both hemispheres of your brain connect, your heartbeat changes and the carousel of thoughts stops - already your self-healing powers are activated. And this is true for players and played.

Knowledge from over 6 million years of evolution is stored in our cells - they know how to heal our bodies themselves. The moment we let go of our intellectual concepts, we surrender to this knowledge and our body can realign itself. The music with the sound instruments of feeltone supports the dance of the cells through their vibration.

Music Therapy, Sound Healing and Spiritual Growth

Since the beginning, the art of healing has been inseparable from music. Only the industrial revolution separated the two. However, many medical families have preserved and promoted this art. Today, music therapy is taught at many universities around the world. Its cradle lies in South America, where healing knowledge from all continents came together early on and blended over the centuries. Today, there are a variety of additional musical training programs for many areas of health care. They serve to maintain, restore and promote physical and mental health. The focus is often on music-accompanied therapy using sound instruments such as slit drums and monochords.

Sound Healing grew out of the same sources as music therapy, but is more dedicated to the natural effects of sounds and vibrations, active music making, and their spiritual aspects. There is understandably little standardization in this discipline and the ephemeral métier of sound. Our experience is that especially in monochord playing circles - similar to choirs, when many natural harmonics are heard in conjunction with monotonous tapestries of sound - a special level of connectedness inevitably emerges. Many participants, regardless of their religious socialization, report spiritual experiences. Throughout the world, sound is and has been used in religious contexts and on ceremonial occasions.

Well-founded training as a sound therapist

feeltone is a specialist for musical instruments in the field of music therapy, sound healing and spiritual growth. We offer international sound training for our string instruments - monochords and sound furniture for sound massages - and monochord playing circles. Many instruments are very easy to play and produce pure sound pleasure.

Martina Gläser-Böhme, the wife of our feeltone founder Ingo Böhme, started in 2003 to develop her own training for monochord playing and sound massage. Until today she is the only one who offers a profound and deep playing and feeling training for monochords and sound furniture worldwide. Our desire is not only to bring professional sound instruments to the market. We want to accompany our customers as much as possible, so that they can develop the full potential of the instrument and their own creativity.