High Spirits

Experience the spirit of the High Spirits flutes at feeltone

We have a diverse selection of High Spirits flutes. Discover the unique sound and spirit that characterizes these handmade instruments. At feeltone, we offer you an exclusive selection of these flutes inspired by Native American tradition. These instruments are more than just musical instruments - they are an expression of art, culture and spirituality.


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High quality craftsmanship and materials - The spirit of quality

At feeltone, we place great emphasis on selecting the finest materials such as cedar, walnut and maple to ensure that every High Spirits flute is both sonically and aesthetically pleasing. Each flute is crafted with the utmost care to embody the true spirit of music and nature. Our flute makers pay particular attention to detail and quality to ensure that each instrument is a masterpiece.

Diversity and tradition - the spirit of music

Our collection includes a wide range of High Spirits flutes suitable for beginners and experienced musicians alike. Each flute is designed to ignite the spirit of your music and inspire you. From deep bass flutes to bright soprano flutes, find the instrument that will accompany your musical journey.

Traditional flutes

  • Made from American cedar, Spanish cedar or walnut wood
  • Tuned to 440 Hz
  • Decorated with different bird head fetishes that make each flute unique

Earth-tone flutes

  • In the same construction as the traditional flutes
  • Tuned to 432 Hz
  • Decorated with an omega sign as a fetish

Spirit flutes

  • Made from Spanish cedar
  • Simple, robust and ideal for traveling
  • Tuned to 440 or 432 Hz
  • With a glued-on mouthpiece, without fetish

Double Nova flutes

  • New double flutes, short and lightly built
  • Tuned to 440 or 432 Hz
  • With a glued-on mouthpiece, without fetish
  • Excellent sound, even compared to traditional double flutes

Sustainability and environmental awareness - the spirit of nature

The spirit of nature is present in every one of our flutes. At feeltone, we take care to promote sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. Our wood comes from responsible sources and we are committed to protecting and preserving the environment.

Outstanding customer service and support

Your musical success is our goal. At feeltone, we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and are always on hand to ensure you find the perfect flute. Take advantage of our consultation service to improve your skills and unleash the spirit of your music.

An unforgettable gift - The spirit of giving

A High Spirits flute from feeltone is the ideal gift for music lovers and collectors. Surprise someone special with an instrument that carries the spirit of music and tradition.


High Spirits Flutes stands for excellent craftsmanship, tradition and the true spirit of music. Be inspired by our impressive collection. Find the flute that speaks to your soul and experience the magic of High Spirits flutes.