Native American Style Flutes

Play your song in harmony with nature

The fine quality of the High Spirits flutes invites you to dream, to get in touch with the inner world, the elements and being. They can be played intuitively and speak the language of the heart. When you play the Indian flutes in nature, many animals and of course the birds are inspired to sing along.


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A piece of indigenous culture from North America: the Native American flute

In German they are called Indian flutes, but in the American-speaking world they are called Native American Style Flutes (NASF). Translated, this means "Native American style flutes". The construction of these flutes comes from the tradition of the indigenous people of North America. In addition to excellent flutes made by indigenous manufacturers, there are also first-class models made by other producers who are inspired by the beauty of these instruments. In order to distinguish the cultural property, there is a legal regulation: flutes that are not produced by indigenous people may only be called Native-American style flutes.

Native American flutes at feeltone - a commitment to the sound of nature

The Native American flute range at feeltone was created after a special experience of our founder Ingo Böhme at the world's largest music trade show - the NAMM Show - in 2020, where he met flute maker Odell Borg of High Spirits and immediately fell in love with his beautiful instruments. He bought several Native American flutes from him, including a double flute, and then spent another 5 days alone in "Death Valley" - at 86 meters below sea level, the lowest point in the Western Hemisphere. In this pristine landscape there are canyons of marble and hardly any plants, but plenty of salt and borax. Ingo Böhme played among the rocks, the marble in grottos, against rock walls and experienced magical moments with nature.

Enthusiastic all around, he took the Indian flutes to Germany and was the first to offer them in Europe. In the course of time, more and more feeltone customers included the special instruments in their program. In the meantime, there are several series in different pitches and designs:

  • Traditional flutes
    • made of American cedar, Spanish cedar or walnut wood.
    • ◦ tuned in 440 Hz ◦ decorated with the different bird heads (fetish) after which the flutes are named.
  • Earth Tone flutes
    • made of American cedar, Spanish cedar or walnut wood
    • in the same construction as the traditional flutes
    • tuned in 432 Hz
    • decorated with an omega sign as a fetish
  • Spirit flutes
    • made of spanish cedar
    • simple, short, robust and very lightweight design - ideal for traveling
    • tuned in 440 or 432 Hz
    • with a glued-on mouthpiece, without fetish
  • Double Nova flutes
    • our new double flutes
    • short, light and less fragile construction
    • tuned in 440 or 432 Hz
    • with a glued-on mouthpiece, without fetish
    • wonderful sound - even compared to traditional double flutes
All Indian flutes that you can buy from us are tuned in minor and have 6 holes, whereby the third hole is covered with a leather strap. So you can play each variant as a 5-hole or as a 6-hole flute. The Double Nova flutes are an exception: they can only be played as 6-hole instruments, as they do not have a leather strap to cover them.

In addition, you will find high-quality accessories for Indian flutes in the feeltone assortment, such as bags and stands for perfect storage.

Tune in: Discover the playing of the Indian flute for beginners

As with any instrument, playing the Native American flute depends on proper technique. A proud, upright posture is the best foundation for a good sound.

  • Take your flute in your hand and hold it at a right angle to your body. This will prevent moisture from your mouth getting into the blowing area of the flute.
  • Before playing, check the position of the fetish - also called the rider or bird's head. The leading edge, i.e. the throat of the bird's head, must sit straight and directly on the labium. Only in this way can the sound develop properly.
  • With the help of the tone holes, you regulate the air flow that you create when blowing into the flute - and create your individual sound.
  • By opening and closing the tone holes of the flute from the bottom to the top, like on a staircase, you regulate the air flow that you create when blowing into the flute - and create your individual sound.
Follow in the footsteps of Native Americans and discover the extraordinary sound worlds of these instruments with our Native American style flutes. Played in the midst of nature, you will find yourself and become one with the elements. Open your mind to new sound experiences with feeltone - feel the sound!

First aid for the handling of your Indian flute

The sound of your flute can't develop fully? Then the air channel is probably blocked. This can happen if you hold the instrument slightly lowered while playing. The area between the mouthpiece and the air channel has the shape of a blind hole, which fills with saliva when you play in the wrong position. To allow the moisture to run out of the blowing area, it is best to hold the Indian flute with the mouthpiece down for a while. Moisture may also have gotten under the fetish. You can remove this by blowing firmly. As a last measure, it may help to remove the leather and clean the flute underneath. (I recommend this only in emergencies, it is difficult to put the whole thing back together).

Does blowing produce only a smoky sound or none at all? In this case you should take a closer look at the bird's head. It may be that it covers the opening at the labium or is shifted too far in the direction of the blowing opening. Place the fetish with the throat directly at the edge to the labium opening so that a fine air stream can escape. The exact position of the fetish is absolutely important so that said airflow hits the labium at the correct angle where the air column is split. One part of the air goes into the flute, the other goes out. This is how you get the unique, mellow sound that is typical of our Native American flutes.

You want to discover more unique instruments from feeltone? Then browse through our online store and let yourself be inspired by our drums, for example, which will enrich the playing of your new Indian flute.