Double Nova Flutes

- creates resonance and space

This is where tradition meets innovation - created by High Spirits: the reinterpretation of the traditional double flutes is based on the same construction as the Spirit flutes. Short, light and less susceptible to detuning, the Double Nova flutes from feeltone have a wonderful sound and a pleasant cedar scent.


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Feel the sound - when you play the Double Nova flute

Discover a new dimension of flute playing with the Double Nova flute. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or experienced musician, this unique instrument allows you to develop your musical skills while benefiting from its compact size and outstanding sound quality. The newly interpreted double flutes from High Spirits are just as easy to learn as the single flutes - all you need is a little more breath. The special thing about these instruments: As a rule, both flute pipes are played together. The left tube has no openings and always produces the same tone, the fundamental or drone. It is identical to the tone of the right reed when all the tone holes are closed. The right tube has the usual 6 tone holes of the Spirit flutes and the tones can be modulated. This means that the basic tone on the left and the variations on the right sound simultaneously. This creates a special sound and opens up a larger space. It also gives the impression that two flutes are playing.

The tonewood of choice: Spanish cedar

The simple Spanish cedar impresses with its lightness and beguiling ethereal scent - exactly the right raw material for the handmade Double Nova flutes. The tonewood is relatively soft and therefore very easy to work with. The softness is also reflected in the warm, intense sound of the instruments. The full, resonant voice is also supported by the ecological oils with which each Double Nova flute is treated.

Choose the individual tuning of your Double Nova flute

The Double Nova flutes in our range have a basic tuning of 440 Hz. This corresponds to the concert pitch A and is the common frequency for all modern musical instruments. You can choose between the following basic pitches - listed from the highest to the lowest flute:

  • G minor
  • D minor
  • C minor
  • B minor
  • A minor
  • G minor
  • F sharp minor

< The firm lows and warm, intense highs are the best basis for playing these flutes in drum circles. Whether as an accompanying or main instrument is up to your own sound idea.

Your compact companion for musical adventures - the double nova flute

The double nova flutes from High Spirits are significantly shorter than our classic Spirit flutes, which makes them ideal for beginners and people with small hands. However, you won't find the typical carved fetish here, but a discreet flat fetish that is glued on as a mouthpiece. Thanks to this special design, nothing can slip and you benefit from the best playability and sound quality in one instrument. Last but not least, the minimalist fetish is also a real eye-catcher. The short mouthpiece has two further advantages: On the one hand, less moisture collects in the blowing area. On the other hand, it generates enough back pressure to emphasize the clarity of the higher notes. In addition to playing comfort, the Double Nova flute also offers you practical advantages when traveling. It fits easily into smaller bags and will fit in any suitcase, rucksack or even your handbag. So you can take it with you wherever you go, be it on trips, to music lessons or to spontaneous jam sessions. Experience the Double Nova flutes in the feeltone range and be inspired by their unique sound spectrum. You will also find the right accessories for Indian flutes, such as embroidered bags and finely crafted flute stands.