Double Nova Flutes

The keynote doubled, the playing note in minor.

The doubling creates space and resonance

The scent of cedar resonates

Double Nova is the name of the double flutes that have the same construction as the Spirit flutes. Unfortunately, the traditional double flutes are no longer available. Nevertheless, I was very positively surprised by these short, light and not very fragile double flutes and their wonderful sound and smell. Read more >

The Double Nova flutes come completely without fetish, are thus significantly shorter than the traditional flutes, no fetish seht off, can hinder or break. The fetish is here simply glued on as a mouthpiece. The wood is the visually simple Spanish cedar, but it captivates with its lightness and beguiling ethereal scent. These flutes are made by High Spirits in 440 and 432 Hz. All flutes are tuned in minor.

The Double Nova flute has warm highs and firm lows, making it a good accompaniment as well as main instrument. Because they are shorter, they are easy to play even for smaller hands. The short mouthpiece minimizes moisture accumulation in the blowing area and creates enough back pressure to emphasize the clarity of the higher notes. They are sealed with ecological oils, which gives them a full, resonant and warm voice. They have 6 openings on the playing side and no opening on the drone side, here the fundamental always plays.

Due to the design there is also no accidental slipping, it fits into much smaller pockets and has room in any suitcase, backpack and even handbag.