Discover the variety of gongs: TamTam, Feng Gong (Wind Gong) and Sona dance gong

Welcome to the fascinating world of gongs! Here you will find a wide selection of gongs, such as the TamTam and the Feng Gong (wind gong) as well as the Sona dance gong made in Germany. Find out more about the history, production and use of these powerful sound instruments.


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Traditional Chinese gongs: TamTam and Feng Gong

TamTam and Feng Gongs (Wind Gongs) are traditional Chinese gongs that have been used for centuries in Asian music and sound therapy. These gongs are characterized by their full, deep sound and their versatile application possibilities. They are made from a special metal alloy and tuned by hand to produce a harmonious and balanced sound. Feng gongs have a flat, symmetrical shape, while TamTam gongs have a conical shape with a protruding edge. Both gongs are ideal for meditation, sound therapy, yoga and other spiritual practices.

Sona dance gong: the sound of dance

The Sona dance gong, which is produced in Germany, is a unique sound instrument that has been specially developed for use in movement and dance. It is characterized by its clear, melodic sound and its handy design. The dance gong is made from high-quality materials such as alpaca (nickel silver) and is tuned by hand to produce a precise and expressive sound. It is easy to play and is perfect for sound meditation, therapeutic applications and creative expression.

Possible uses and care instructions

Our gongs are versatile instruments that can be used in a variety of settings, including music therapy, sound healing, yoga, meditation and more. They are easy to play and offer a unique way to connect with the sound and energy of the universe. To take optimum care of your gong, we recommend wiping it regularly with a soft cloth and protecting it from direct sunlight. This will keep your gong beautiful and resonant for a long time.

Find your perfect gong

Discover our diverse selection of Chinese gongs such as TamTam and Feng Gong as well as the Sona dance gong and find the perfect instrument for your spiritual practice, sound therapy or creative projects. Our experienced team will be happy to help you choose and care for your gong. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of gongs and experience the transformative power of sound!