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Ready to take your musical journey to the next level? Our bestsellers at feeltone offer you the perfect equipment for unforgettable sound adventures


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Discover our bestsellers now and experience a world full of sounds and inspiration at feeltone!

Top 1 drum frames

Experience the fascinating sound of drums with our high-quality drum frames. Handcrafted and made from the best materials, they provide you with the perfect basis for powerful rhythms and rousing melodies.

Top 2: Bags for ritual drums

Protect your ritual drum on the go with our durable bags. Designed to offer maximum protection and comfort, they are the ideal companion for your spiritual journeys and musical performances.

Top 3: Monolina monochord and bag

Discover the magical world of monochords with our high-quality monolina and matching bag. Easy to play and equipped with an impressive sound, it is the perfect instrument for meditation, sound therapy and musical creativity.