Are you looking for lightness and flexibility in body and mind through sound? Then let yourself be inspired by our Elemental Soundscapes Aria Collection. With the harmoniously coordinated sound instruments, you will connect with the element of air. Learn from the winds, the breath and the voice how to become one with that which brings you strength.

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Elemental Soundscapes Aria Collection

These instruments go perfectly with our monochords Monolina and Monolini in tuning "A" - and with each other!

Elemental Soundscapes - Harmonic sounds without notes, without thinking!

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Being in the flow, creativity, gratitude - goes with monochord "D"
Grounding, matter, transformation - matches monochord "C" and "F"
Clarity, communication, flexibility - goes with monochord "A"
Creativity, leadership, self-empowerment - goes with monochord "G"


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Elemental Soundscapes Aria - Sounds move through vibrations

When you experience the qualities of air in sound, you learn to be flexible, not to hold on to rigid concepts and to adopt many points of view. Being open and ready for all life experiences makes your life easier and brings clarity. Just as you try to play joy and beauty in sound, you also learn to give your environment positive vibrations and lightness with your language. Invite singing into your play. Connect with lightness and clarity of spirit in the sound of the Elemental Soundscapes Aria Collection. The Aria Collection combines four perfectly coordinated sound instruments:

  • - Tinka Tong Aqua
  • - Zenko® Aqua
  • - Sansula Aqua
  • - Koshi Aqua

You have the choice between the 432 Hz tuning with the mystical, slightly deeper earth year tone, which has a harmonizing and relaxing effect on your body and mind, and the 440 Hz tuning, which is suitable for use with all regular instruments and in the educational field.

The Elemental Soundscapes Aria Collection by feeltone can also be played together with all other tunings, eliminating the need to select and try out different instruments. You can get started right away and create harmonious soundscapes.

Perfectly put together: Monochords and Elemental Soundscapes Aria Collection by feeltone

The feeltone monochords Monolina and Monolini in tuning A are ideal as a soundscape for the Elemental Soundscapes Aria Collection. You can combine them with any instrument: with the Sansula Aria in simple major pentatonic, with the Tinka Tong Aria - with the bubbling A pentatonic - as well as with the spherical Koshi Aria and the metallic Zenko® Aria.

Quietly and slowly, you can weave the sounds into soundscapes. By playing lightly, you will experience a clear mind and freshness for new projects. Use the sound instruments in a variety of ways for therapeutic and meditative purposes and develop new sounds with friends in playing circles.

Elemental Soundscapes Aria: Let yourself be carried away to new landscapes beyond everyday life

You are ready to experience new horizons, to take on new perspectives, to be ready for change. Change begins in the mind, and the flexibility of the air and the winds helps. Connect with this quality. Our Elemental Soundscapes Aria Collection makes intuition and renewal so easy by stopping time and giving your synapses a break so they can make more meaningful and vibrant connections. Try it out and invite friends over to experience this quality. The more often you do this, the freer your playing and trust in each other will become.

The special selection of instruments in the Aria Collection makes it possible,

  • - us to relax in the now, without tomorrow or yesterday and
  • - to listen to the playful interplay of the instruments,
  • - to experience lightness and flexibility and
  • - give ourselves and our fellow human beings peace.

With the feeltone instruments in the Elemental Soundscapes Aria Collection, everyone can create sounds intuitively - from young children to older people. Everyone acts intuitively - without notes, without thinking, without guidelines - so you can get into the flow of life. The Elemental Soundscapes Aria by feeltone are a wonderful give-away for friends and family. Experience intuitive and acoustic house music and meet in a circle at eye level. Sound makes it so easy.

Our recommendation: For the safe transportation of your Aria Collection, you can order a MO-34-TA monolina bag to go with your set. It has enough space for the four instruments Tinka Tong Aria, Zenko® Aria, Sansula Aria and Koshi Aria.

Get to know the whole variety of Elemental Soundscapes by feeltone

Our range of Elemental Soundscapes by feeltone is constantly growing. You can already look forward to the latest element of the sound instrument sets:

Already available are:

We invite you to light an incense bowl, place your favorite feather and a poem or text in the center of your Elemental Soundscapes Aria Collection while you play. Observe the images, thoughts or songs that come to you. If you would like to find out more about our products, sign up for the feeltone newsletter.