Drum Building and Ritual Practice

A self-made drum is a powerful personal instrument.

Traditionally, they are the Shamans' traveling companion through the many realities of our world.

Today we give our drum her own meaning. She serves as a magical companion in our rituals or in our journey through the various stages of our consciousness. These trance experiences can be sources of power, inspiration and connection.
As a companion through life she gives expression to our own rhythm and connects with the pulse of the earth and the rhythms of nature.
While building drums together and being in nature, this connection is deepened and strengthened.

We use skins that have been naturally depilated and cleaned by hand.
After a ritual walk in nature, everyone chooses their special drum skin and size of the wooden frame from the prepared raw animal skins of cow, horse, wild boar or deer.

In addition to doing handicrafts, background knowledge about the shamanic world view is imparted. The knowledge about the powers of the four cardinal directions is also included, following the European compass of life.

While the rawhide dries and hardens, we have time to get to know different playing techniques and trance drumming.
For ritual practice we will learn about burning the incense of plants and their different effects and applications.

We will enjoy the wonderful water, meadows and forests in Klotzow, drum together and carve our own mallet.

On the last day we will consecrate the drums in a ritual.

This is the initiation and birth of the drum.

Drum Building Seminar Info