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Fine instruments from feeltone

We are pleased to offer you high quality instruments from our own production and from all over the world from our befriended instrument manufacturers!

Our customers are enthusiastic about the shapely design, the high quality (acoustically and in terms of craftsmanship) and the intuitive access that our instruments offer. As a result, the player experiences a quick sense of achievement and thus the joy of playing.

You can also profit from our Monochord seminars by Martina Gläser-Böhme! The trainees are amazed at the variety of usage and the sound experiences an instrument with only one fundamental tone can offer.

Our pillars are:

- Vision

- Production

- Trade

- Seminars

Our philosophie:

Music without notes?!

For 40 years, my vision has been to develop and produce instruments and sound bodies that every person, whether musician or non-musician, can play at first go, with which they can express themselves and connect with others. No learning, no reading off, no copying. Open up, get involved and experience. Letting go of the judgements. And I have seen the happiness in many, many eyes when sound touches. I want to make this blissful experience accessible to more people. This experience can only happen in the here and now. It is deeply healing. Not yesterday - not tomorrow, but now.

feeltone production

Wood, Skin, String

Our high quality in the construction of Tongue Drums and Monochords is based on decades of experience.

We have been building Tongue Drums since 1982 and have continued to develop them over the decades. Thus, our repertoire ranges from the large Bass Tongue Drum to the small Tinka Tong. Each drum is individually made and tuned by hand.

We have been building Monochords since 1997. Today, thanks to our developments, we can offer you various models - from the small Monolinas, which impress with their high sound quality and light weight, to solid sound furniture, such as the Singing Chair, the Monchair, the Sound Wave or the Monochord Table.

Our Ritual Drums are made with regional, partially organic skins and the frames are build t out of beech in a traditional manner.

Part of our company profile is also that our surfaces are organic, as are our materials and to a large extent our packaging does not include plastic. Some of our wood comes from FSC certified trade.

feeltone woodshop

Everything from one source

In 2015, we were able to enlarge our workshop, making the stud frame, floor and cladding of the hall out of wood. This creates a very warm atmosphere. We are pleased with our large hall, which now includes machine room, bench room and oil room. The string workshop is also in this building.

We receive the wood, which has been air-dried for years, as a plank on one side of the hall, and a strung instrument leaves the workshop on the other side of the hall. We cut, plane and mill in the machine room, glue, sand, drill and tune slotted drums in the bench room. The instrument is then oiled and, depending on the instrument, strung. The instrument now leaves our production rooms, goes to the warehouse and is packed there. The office organizes our worldwide shipping and communication with the customer.

We work in a resource-saving way: due to the different sizes of our instruments, smaller pieces of wood are also used. The development of old and new instruments was / is and remains our driving force. We take up impulses from the market, often test for a long time and thus ensure ever new sound experiences for our customers as well as for ourselves. Through the close cooperation with Martina Gläser-Böhme, we have developed suitable accessories for the needs of our customers over the past years.

We are proud that there are as many women as men working in our workshop.

Our passion

- Instruments must be easily accessible - the principle "anyone can make music"

- Immediate joy of sound - from the very first moment - music without notes

- Finest workmanship - gentle feel

- The look is also a melody - sound in the golden ratio

- Ecological processing and packaging - to protect the environment

- Conscious use of materials - conserving resources

feeltone Trade

Sound Fellows

We are proud of our worldwide trade and the international meetings and relationships it has created. Our instrument making partners and friends share our spirit - the love of sound. High craftsmanship, loving production and mutual trust - especially in these times are a great challenge for any instrument maker. Materials are sometimes difficult to organize, transport routes collapse or are monopolized.

The feeltone Team

The joy of doing

As a company, we are united by our joy and enthusiasm for sound and the finest craftsmanship. With great dedication we do everything to bring this sound into the world in a high quality, customer-friendly and safe way. We work with great attention to detail, with the finest surfaces and beautiful shapes. On all levels, feeltone stands for service and responsibility, whether in the ecological handling of materials, the precision of our website or the effect of our instruments. In the office and workshop, we have been living parity between men and women for years. We also take great pleasure in conveying and passing on our experience in sound application and touch in the spirit of "feel the sound".

Our values

- Cooperation at eye level - regular exchange between all employees

- Parity - in office and woodshop

- Promoting high-quality craftsmanship and attractive workplaces

- Professional service for our customers and direct responsibility for our actions

- Not only manufacturing products, but offering our knowledge to the customer in seminars

Photos of the staff

feeltone Seminars

Concert of Overtones

The seminar on the "Secret Monochord" and the following Monochord Training are the result of Martina Gläser-Böhme's 17 years of experience.

A participant writes:

Feedback on the Monochord Supervision with Martina 1-3/2021

For me, playing the Monochord is a bridge to a world I cannot see. It opens up new spaces for me and at the same time is a door opener to my intuition. I learn to trust myself more and to follow my intuition.

The Supervision with Martina helps me to keep at it. Her sensitive and attentive way encourages me to follow my perceptions more and more and to put them into practice on the Monochord. Her feedback strengthens my confidence.

I can deepen and apply the different possibilities of playing. At the same time, Supervision is a wonderful opportunity to play the Monochord together and to gain experience. Every time something new emerges, it cannot be planned or predicted. A sacred space, for which a framework, time and focus are needed, that is possible for me in Supervision with Martina. C.K.

In addition to other seminars, a variety of events and offers have been added over time, which we would like to share with you.

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