Dream Weavers' Night - Time of Sound

Dream Weavers' night - 2 hours of intuitive improvisation

Time of Sound - 24 hours Sound Ritual in the Mandala 8 Corner House

Dream weavers' night

An event by Ingo Böhme in cooperation with the Klanghaus Klein-Jasedow

This evening is open to all of those interested in sound. It traditionally takes place at the Klanghaus in Klein-Jasedow. The instruments of the Klanghaus and some we bring with us will be used.

Order of events

We spend 2 hours in sound together, beginning and ending in silence. In between everything is allowed to happen, only meaningful language is left at the door.

A friend once said: play in such a way that the other one sounds good. So it is not only about playing yourself, but also about listening to the other.

Weaving dreams also means that not everyone has to make sounds, it is also allowed to just sit, listen or dance.

Let yourself feel a new dimension of sound, where we can come into "harmony" and let our individuality rest.

You do not need any previous musical knowledge.

Under the current conditions we ask for your written registration then we can inform you if and under which conditions the event takes place.

If you come, please arrive on time and stay until the end, especially the beginning and the end are important to us.

According to our experience, this way of sound creation is not suitable for children.

You will find the next dates in the Calendar or under Events in the Klanghaus Klein-Jasedow.

Time of Sound

The Time of Sound is a musical ceremony and traditionally takes place during the twelfth night. We play instruments from all over the world, sound together, listen to each other, but silence is also welcome. We spend 24 hours without idle talk in a protected space we created.

It is a sacred healing space in the dream world of the twelfth night. We invite people who want to come together in this special time, when different worlds are so close, to dream about the new year with music. In the sound we can recharge our batteries and in the joy of playing we can experience moments of happiness, connection, ecstasy and also the unpredictable.

Ingo Böhme and Martina Gläser-Böhme make available their acoustic instruments from all over the world, which they have collected for 40 years. Many of them are melody instruments that have become attuned to each other over the years. Playing intuitively means that the instruments show you how they want to be played. Time of Sound is not a session where everyone plays at random. It is a ritual time where we immerse ourselves in sound together and it is as wonderful to listen as it is to play. No previous musical experience is necessary.

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