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You are interested in an Online Monochord Course?

Learning to play the Monochord is not difficult. Even a simple stroke can enchant us. If you want more, there is often the question: and now what?

I can teach you the basics and a first tool. You will learn what it takes to play an infinite spherical tapestry of sound in which you will find peace and joy and creativity.

But I must also confess to you, learning needs the experience of listening, opening and perceiving.This will be your task at home. You will be given instructions and exercises to do this.

In my live-classes it is a great treasure to immerse yourself in the shared sound and learn from each other.

This opportunity will always be there and I look forward to having you join me.

At this time when we can't easily come together, I am grateful for any initiative and creative expression, and I welcome the global opportunity to connect.

I will be creating an online course for you to play the Monochord.It will take a little more time. We will be making videos so you can practice at home with a good sound quality.

If you are interested in my offer, sign up via the registration form without any obligation and I will inform you.

Would you like to meet us online already? I can highly recommend our Zoom - Monochord - introduction.

Another offer is our free Zoom Meeting every other Wednesday at 7 pm. We play together and each separately with a common intention.

Monochord Wednesday in German please register here

Every other Monday the English speaking players meet.

Monochord Monday in English please register here

If you have any questions about Consultation, or would like Supervision via Zoom, please feel free to contact me.

I look forward to hearing from you.

With warm regards,

Martina Gläser-Böhme

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