Sound baths - sound concerts

We are a group of several Monochord players who create a special sound space with differently tuned Monochords and other musical instruments.

Playing together we weave a rich spherical soundcarpet, creating unique overtone symphonies. Our voices and other intuitively played musical instruments flow in and let our souls dance.

In listening and feeling these sounds we can deeply relax, enjoy and recharge. The spherical sounds allow us to be with ourselves in a light and loving way and at the same time feel a deep connection with "everything".

We open a new space and build a healing energetic field in which we consciously get to know new experiences and information.

We play in an open circle where the listeners can lie on their own mat, sit in a chair or on a meditation cushion.

We are also happy to come to you. Rooms with special acoustics are especially welcome.

Unfortunately, at the moment we cannot invite you to any sound concert - sound bath.
If you would like to be informed, please write to us. We will be happy to add you to our mailing list.