Individual sound offers

Individual sound introduction

You would like to have an individual program in the sound room of the Ma Mer practice or in your institution? Please feel free to contact me.

I can suggest the following topics:

  • Introduction to the different monochords and sound furniture
  • Introduction to the instruments and their principle of action
  • experience and reflect on the effects on body, soul and spirit
  • learning simple playing techniques
  • demonstration of a sound meditation or sound treatment
  • examples of use and contraindications

training of your employees in sound meditations and more:

If you would like to train your staff to use monochords, the sound chair or sound couches, I can offer you various options in the form of blocks or as weekend courses.

Your staff will learn to adjust monochords or sound furniture to the clients in a professional way and to use them for sound meditations or sound treatments.

All of the above topics are taught in detail and through practical experience. The playing techniques are practiced specifically in applications and in exchange.

Prices are agreed individually according to time and effort.