The Way of Sound - learning to play Instruments

The new course for beginners by Ingo Böhme

Learning to play instruments intuitively - techniques and backgrounds

I am asked again and again, how do I play this instrument, how do I play intuitively, it always looks so easy. But when I start it doesn't sound good.

It is easier than you think, if you adopt certain basic motor rules and mental attitudes.

I invite people to come together four weekends a year and have experiences with different instruments. It is about the following:

  • Listening - eavesdropping - partner exercises
  • Loud - quiet - fast - slow
  • Playing techniques for beginners
  • How to find my instrument, my tuning
  • Interaction in the group - playing and listening - active - passive
  • Interesting facts from history, building methods, physics, mathematics
  • Make experiences: What does sound have to do with my soul?
  • Sound rituals

I offer the following instruments to explore:

  • Tongue Drum - wood and metal
  • Indian Flutes - love flutes
  • Spacedrums - Hang, Udu and the like
  • Hand and Frame Drums
  • Kalimbas and Sansulas
  • Gongs and Singing Bowls
  • Percussion and Jaw's Harp

Seminars will begin as soon as current restrictions are lifted. Spring 2022 at the earliest. If you are interested, send us an email, we add you to our list.

For Monochord and Sound Furniture

Martina Gläser-Böhme gives a separate Basic Seminar, as well as a Training for people who want to use the Monochord in their work.