Training in "feeltone Sound Massage & Sound Therapie"

You will learn how to play the Monochord with the Basic Seminar I "Secret Monochord". This seminar stands alone and is suitable for everyone who wants to learn how to play the Monochord and dive deeper into the world of spherical sounds. "Secret Monochord" empowers you to play the Monochord for personal use, relaxation, meditation, music making, singing and story telling.

If you would like to integrate the Monochord into your profession, or just for yourself, to expand your ability to play and  your perception, you can complete the training in "feeltone Sound Massage & Sound Therapy" with three Advanced Seminars.

This training will enable you to perform Sound Massages and Sound Therapies with the Monochord, the Monochord Table and the Singing Chair professionally. The basics and experiences are equally applicable for sound meditations, therapies accompanied with sound, for yoga courses, in the wellness area, in pedagogy, in health care and for making music.

My practice has been in existence for 17 years. The training is based on my experience with usage as well as  with education and training on the Monochord, the Soundwave, the Monochord Table and the Singing Chair.

All instruments are built at feeltone and used in my Practice Ma Mer. Through this collaboration, the instruments are constantly being professionally developed and new instruments are added.

The Monochord with its soothing and opening sounds fulfills in us a great need for relaxation, centering, well-being, joy, support and alignment.

Engaging and listening to the sounds can open an inner space where we connect to our source of strength and come to rest.

The training is more than a practical and theoretical teaching of sound with the Monochord and its healing effects.

It trains perception and awareness. In feeling what sounds within us, we get to know ourselves in a new way and deepen the connection between hearing, feeling and understanding.

All seminars take place with a small number of participants (max. 6 persons). That way I can dedicate myself individually to each participant.

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There are two ways to participate in this training
  • Booking the three Advanced Seminars as a set

A common and continuous approach and learning in a fixed group has proven to be successful. This way, all participants have the certainty that the seminars will take place.

  • Advanced Seminar 2
  • Advanced Seminar 3
  • Advanced Seminar 4
  • Intensive weeks with English translation

The Seminars can be booked individually (if the number of participants is too low, the course will not take place). There is parallel an English translation if foreign participants are present.

  • Intensive week 1: Basic Seminar 1 & Advanced Seminar 2
  • Intensive week 2: Advanced Seminar 3 & Advanced Seminar 4

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  • After a successful completion of the basic seminar, you now have the opportunity to complete the training in "feeltone Sound Massage & Sound Therapy" with the Advanced Seminars 2 to 4.
  • The training can only be booked as a complete package (3 Advanced Seminars) or as a single seminar during the Intensive Week. If you would like to move a seminar to another date for important reasons, this is possible in exceptional cases.


  • The Advanced Seminars take place at the Practice Ma Mer in 17440 Buggenhagen OT Klotzow, Bergstraße 13 a.


  • The seminar includes 18 teaching hours.
  • Thu. 19:00 - 21:00
  • Fr. 10:00 - 18:30
  • Sat. 9:30 - 18:30
  • Sun. 9:30 - 14:00

If we feel that more time is needed for mutual exchange exercises, I will make an evening available.

Number of participants:

At this time the group does not include more than 6 people.


  • The Advanced Seminar costs 390.00€ each and are payable before each seminar or with one payment of 1170.00€.
  • People who, out of financial reasons, are wondering whether they can afford this seminar, please contact me. Together we will see what financial possibilities there are (e.g. payment by installments etc.).
  • Vouchers for the education premium can also be redeemed.


  • A "Monolina", a Monochord in different tunings, is available for all participants. You are also welcome to bring your own Monolina.


  • After a successful completion, through participation in all Advanced Seminars and independently logged practice sessions, we will present you with a certificate from feeltone: "feeltone Sound Massage & Sound Therapy".


  • We will organize a vegetarian lunch and dinner for you at a cost of 65 €, which you can pay on site.

Overnight stay:

Corona Notice:

  • A protection and hygiene concept ensures that this seminar will take place.
  • To ensure free movement and eating together, we will organize a Corona quick test on site.

Head of the seminar: Martina Gläser-Böhme

If you have any questions before your registration, feel free to contact me.

E- Mail:

Mobile +49 160 7282 136

After your written registration we will confirm your participation. You will receive a welcome letter with all further information and your invoice. For a binding participation please transfer a deposit of 100,00 € or the whole amount.

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