Sound Massage - Experience Live

If you would like to experience a Sound Massage and see how the feeltone Sound Instruments affect you, take advantage of the close proximity and cooperation with the Ma Mer Massage Practice with Martina Gläser-Böhme.

Martina Gläser-Böhme is a lecturer for Monochord Seminars and leader of the training in "feeltone Sound Massage and Sound Therapy".

Feeltone Monochords and Sound Furniture are tested and used at Ma Mer.


If you would like an appointment, just call or email.

Tel. 0160 7282136



Sound Massage for you - or for couples

Massaging with sounds means that vibrations (energies) are transmitted which resonate with your own vibrations. They influence and rearrange in their very own way, just as the body and soul need it. This means that the body takes what it needs.

Spherical sounds rich in overtones, produced by the Monochord, Singing Bowls and other instruments, do not give a melody. Sound spaces are opened up in which one's very own melody can emerge, linking up with old memories or allowing new images and new thoughts to emerge, promoting health and stimulating self-healing powers.

These sounds lead to deep relaxation and meditative states. They convey a feeling of safety and being carried. Thoughts become quiet and a feeling of space arises. The light vibration of the sounds also massages in its own way, making every cell dance. This creates an atmosphere in which new order arises.

Every Sound Massage includes a pre- and post-talk to clarify needs and intentions and then to choose the instruments. (Monochord Table, Soundwave, Singing Chair, Singing Bowls, Tubular Bells etc.)


Individuals1,5 - 2h80-100,00 €