Ausbildung: Aufbauseminar 4

Training: Advanced Seminar 4

The fourth and final training seminar is about deepening and application. We will give our voice a special meaning. In interaction with the monochord, we experience how the sounds carry us and inspire us in a light way to give our voice power and expression.

In the course of the training, we have experienced the way in which the monochord sounds touch our body and mind. Finally, we will focus on the topic of soul work and delve deeper into the influence of spherical sounds on our sensitive heart and soul.

For the certified degree in "feeltone sound massage & sound therapy", 2 sound massages, sound treatments or sound meditations are documented after the advanced seminar.

You choose three protocols from your own practice documentation, which are submitted at least 14 days before the final seminar. This will show which areas or questions receive further attention.

In the final advanced seminar, participants report on treatments, reflect on their experiences and demonstrate sound treatments of their choice.

The treasure trove of experience gained is compiled and the essence and unanswered questions are highlighted.

The aim of the training

is to introduce the participants to "feeltone sound massage - sound therapy" and to enable them to use the monochord and sound professionally, consciously and responsibly.

Upon successful completion, you will receive the certificate in "feeltone Sound Massage & Sound Therapy" according to Martina Gläser-Böhme.


Dates & information for the training

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Only bookable as a complete block (advanced seminar II, III, IV)


Topics of the advanced seminar 4

  • Applications of sound meditations & sound massages in the group and individually
  • Evaluation of sound applications in practice and integration of experiences
  • Voice and monochord
  • Soul work
  • Conclusion and certification

I look forward to welcoming you to this seminar.

Leader & Lecturer: Martina Gläser-Böhme
Martina Gläser-Böhme, founder of the "feeltone Sound Massage & Sound Therapy" training course, has been drawing on her experience in sound and massage work since 2002. She will accompany you on your very individual path with the monochord.

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