Training: Advanced Seminar 4

The last Advanced Seminar is about deepening and usage.

We will give our voice a special meaning: in interaction with the Monochord we will experience how the sounds carry and inspire us in a way to give our voice strength and expression.

In the course of the training we have experienced the way in which the Monochord sounds will touch our body and our mind. At the end we dedicate ourselves to the topic of soul work and explore what influences the spherical sounds have on our feeling heart and soul.

For the certified degree in "feeltone Sound Massage- Sound Therapy", Sound Massages, Sound Treatments or Sound Meditations will be documented after the 2nd. Advanced Seminar.

You will receive journal templates for your own practice documentation, from which you can choose three and submit them at least 14 days before the final seminar. From these templates we will see which topics or questions will be deepened again.

Questions about practice design can also be submitted with the documentation so that time can be given to these questions in the final seminar.

In the final seminar, participants will report on their treatments and reflect on their experiences. The aim is to bring together the different possibilities and to deepen and broaden knowledge through experience and exchange.

At the end of the Advanced Seminars 3 or 4 all participants will give a Sound Meditation, or a Sound Massage with the body Monochord, or on the Monochord Table, which will be evaluated together afterwards.

After successful completion you will receive the certificate in "feeltone Sound Massage - Sound Therapy".

Topics Advanced Seminar 4

    • Applications of Sound Meditations & Sound Massages in the group and individually
    • Evaluation of sound applications in practice and integration of experiences
    • Voice and Monochord
    • Soul work
    • Conclusion and certification

      Training goal

      is to introduce the participants to the "feeltone Sound Massage - Sound Therapy" and to enable them to handle the Monochord and sound in a professional, conscious and responsible way.

      Dates for the Advanced Seminar

      May - June

      Intensive Week 1

      Basic Seminar 1 & Advanced Seminar 2
      27. to 30. May 2021 &02. to 04. June 2021

      Individually bookable & with English translation
      Thu 19:00 - Sun 14:00 hours in Klotzow

      August - September

      Intensive Week 2

      Advanced Seminar 3   & Advanced Seminar 4
      25. to 27. August 2021   &30. August to 01. September 2021

      Individually bookable & with English translation
      Thu 19:00 - Sun 14:00 hours in Klotzow

      New training series 2021-2022


      Advanced Seminar 2
      04. to 07. November 2021


      Advanced Seminar 3
      24. to 27. February 2022


      Advanced seminar 4
      16. to 19. June 2022

      To be booked as set, only, Seminar 2,3 & 4
      Thu 19:00 - Sun 14:00 hours in Klotzow