Ausbildung: Aufbauseminar 3

Training: Advanced Seminar 3

In the advanced seminar 3 you will gain further experience in exchange with other learners and discover how your monochord playing and your interaction with the people you play with become more and more refined, confident and empathetic.

We dive deeper into the topic of trance (sound trance). We will explore the experience of trance, common phenomena of altered states of consciousness and trance-enhancing principles. Well equipped, you will be able to accompany people safely and competently in trance states.
This aspect is a core part of sound work and can lead to more health, awareness and reorientation if well guided.

We also explore the effects and resonances of different tones and intervals and discover new combination possibilities with other sound instruments, which are available to us in abundance in our showroom.

All these possibilities open up other aspects that can be assigned to the qualities of fire, water, air and earth. This enrichment makes sound journeys or sound meditations even more diverse.

This includes another way of playing - rhythm. So far hardly imaginable on the monochord. However, when mallets or the hands are added, barely comprehensible sounds are combined with rhythms, structure and synchronicity. You will experience how fun and creativity know no bounds.

Together we will find out more and more which playing techniques are suitable for sound massages, sound meditations or even sound concerts and where the differences lie.


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Only bookable as a complete block(advanced seminar II, III, IV)

Topics of the advanced seminar 3

  • Exchange of sound massages on different sound furniture and with the body monochord
  • Reflection and concentration: how would I like to incorporate sound further into my life and/or my work, where am I particularly drawn to?
  • Trance - background - insight into supportive and accompanying attitudes
  • Rhythm - grounding - creativity - performance
  • Monochord effect: with different tones, intervals, harmonies and disharmonies
  • Monochord in interaction with other instruments - element cycle
    Possible combinations
  • Sound meditations and sound journeys - differences, deepening, implementation

I look forward to welcoming you to this seminar.

Leader & Lecturer: Martina Gläser-Böhme
Martina Gläser-Böhme, founder of the "feeltone Sound Massage & Sound Therapy" training course, has been drawing on her experience in sound and massage work since 2002. She will accompany you on your individual path with the monochord.

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