Training: Advanced Seminar 3

The third block is designed to consolidate your playing skills and competencies. You will practice again the exchange of sound treatments and relax more and more through deeper experience. Your playing and your own listening will be refined and you will become even more confident and competent with the Monochord.

You will learn that Monochord sounds can lead you into a trance and that there are different states into which you can consciously switch. You will be able to accompany people safely and competently into their states of trance.

You will learn about the effects of different tones and intervals.
Even non-professional musicians will discover how the sounds can work through hearing and feeling.

A new aspect, is the rhythm. Flowing, elusive sounds combined with rhythms and clear structure. Creating new playing techniques with rhythm brings a lot of fun into the play and sets no limits to one's creativity.

Furthermore you will learn to combine sound treatments, meditations and sound journeys with the Monochord and with other instruments. You will learn which instruments harmonize with each other and which elements from the cycle of fire, water, air, earth,  and ether fit together. There is a large selection of instruments available in our showroom.

Topics of the Advanced Seminar 3

  • Exchange of Sound Massages on different Sound Furniture and with the body Monochord
  • Reflection and concentration: how do I want to bring sound further into my life and/or into my work, where am I drawn to in particular?
  • Trance - background - insight into supporting and accompanying approach
  • Rhythm - grounding - creativity - performance
  • Monochord effect: with different tones, intervals, harmonies and disharmonies
  • Monochord in interaction with other instruments - cycle of elements
    Possible combinations
  • Sound Meditations and Sound Journeys - differences, deepening, performance

Dates for the Advanced Seminars

May - June

Intensive week

Basic Seminar 1

Advanced Seminar 2

27. to 30. May 2021

02. to 04. June 2021

Individually bookable & with English translation
Thu 19:00 - Sun 14:00 Uhr in Klotzow

August - September

Intensive week 2

Advanced Seminar 3

Advanced Seminar 4

25. to 27. August 2021

30. August to 01. September 2021

Individually bookable & with English translation
Thu 19:00 - Sun 14:00 hours in Klotzow

New training series 2021-2022


Advanced Seminar 2
04. to 07. November 2021


Advanced Seminar 3
24. to 27. February 2022


Advanced Seminar 4
16. to 19. June 2022

Bookable as complete set, only, Seminar 2,3 & 4
Thu 19:00 - Sun 14:00 hours in Klotzow