Training: Advanced Seminar 2

This Advanced Seminar builds on the Basic Seminar 1 and teaches the basics in "feeltone Sound Massage - Sound Therapy":

Participants become familiar with the different Sound Furniture and body Monochords and experience how a Sound Massage leads into deep relaxation.

They deepen their Monochord playing and learn to create different timbres and individual overtones, tension arcs and waves.

Internalizing these playing techniques more and more and expanding our hearing, enables us to play even more consciously in the oceanic sound space without getting lost in it.

The skills we gain allow us to dive deeper. We learn to create, with sound and silence, the state in which we are deeply connected to the universe and to accompany other people to it.

With this training you get the ability to create Sound Massages, Sound Meditations and Sound Journeys individually. You will learn how to use Monochords or Sound Furniture in the treatment, timing and how to combine the sound with other therapies.

An important goal in this seminar is to develop the competence to create a deep connection between the sound and the client.

After this Advanced Seminar you will have the ability to conduct Sound Meditations on your own and to integrate the Monochord into your work.

Topics of the Advanced Seminar 2

  • Basics of sound work
  • Exploration of the different Monochords and Sound Furniture and their use
  • Expanded knowledge about the effectiveness
  • Deepening of the Monochord playing
  • Talking Points: pre- and post-talk, empathy, non-judgemental communication
  • Framework and procedure of a Sound Massage
  • Demonstration of a sound treatment & meditation

Dates for the Advanced Seminars

May - June

Intensive week 1

Basic Seminar 1  &Advanced Seminar 2
27. to 30. May 202102. to 04. June 2021

Individually bookable & with English translation
Thu 19:00 - Sun 14:00 hours in Klotzow

August - September

Intensive week 2

Advanced Seminar 3   & Advanced Seminar 4
25. to 27. August 202130. August to 01. September 2021

Individual bookable & with English translation
Thu 19:00 - Sun 14:00 hours in Klotzow

New training series 2021-2022


Advanced Seminar 2
04. to 07. November 2021


Advanced Seminar 3
24. to 27. February 2022


Advanced Seminar 4
16. to 19. June 2022

Only bookable as a complete set: Seminar 2, 3 & 4:

Thu 19:00 - Sun 14:00 in Klotzow

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