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Training in "feeltone Sound Massage & Sound Therapy" Info

Training in "feeltone sound massage & sound therapy". Requirements: After a successful completion of the basic seminar, you now have the opportunity to complete the training in "feeltone sound massage...

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Training in feeltone Sound Massage

Ausbildung: Aufbauseminar 4

Training: Advanced Seminar 4

The last Advanced Seminar is about deepening and usage. We will give our voice a special meaning: in interaction with the Monochord we will experience how the sounds carry and...

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Ausbildung: Aufbauseminar 3

Training: Advanced Seminar 3

The third block is designed to consolidate your playing skills and competencies. You will practice again the exchange of sound treatments and relax more and more through deeper experience. Your...

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Ausbildung: Aufbauseminar 2

Training: Advanced Seminar 2

This Advanced Seminar builds on the Basic Seminar 1 and teaches the basics in "feeltone Sound Massage - Sound Therapy": Participants become familiar with the different Sound Furniture and body...

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