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Elemental Soundscapes

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feeltone - feel the tone

Discover a whole new world of late music

Seminars for monochord and sound massage

Immerse yourself in sound

Seminars for monochord & sound massage


All feeltone Seminars at a Glance

Elemental Soundscapes

Discover sets of sound instruments that simply match.
Being in the flow, creativity, gratitude - goes with Monochord "D"
Grounding, matter, transformation - goes with Monochord "C" and "F"
Clarity, communication, flexibility - goes with Monochord "A"
Inspiration, leadership, self-empowerment - goes with Monochord "G"

Monochord - Healing Sound Meditation

Enjoy 5 minutes of monochord improvisation with Graziella Schazad


K. K.Monolina Monochord

Great love

After I had created wonderful moments for myself alone with my first C monochord from feeltone, I quickly realized that I wanted to understand more deeply what these sounds did to me. I booked seminars with Martina Gläser-Böhme and discovered more and more about the preciousness of the monochord. With my second D-monochord, I now accompany many people professionally on their paths to more silence, relaxation and well-being.
When I had problems tuning my instrument at the beginning, I received competent help over the phone. I was also able to ask for advice at any time when choosing other instruments. It's great that feeltone exists.

Birgit H.Monolina Monochord (second choice)

Wonderful instrument, sound, workmanship, I am very satisfied with everything. I can't find any obvious optical defects, so I'm even more pleased. Absolutely recommendable!

Sound furniture - laying in resonance

Stop time and arrive: realign through deep relaxation with sound furniture
Klangmassage - live erleben
From €5,348.00
Octav-Monochord Table
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Oktav-Klangmassageliege, Komplettangebot für Klangtherapie, Anwendung
On Sale from €6,006.00
Octav-Monochord-Table, all inclusive for sound therapy
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Oktav-Klangmassageliege, Komplettangebot für Masseure Anwendung
On Sale from €5,760.00
Octave-Monochord Table, all inclusive for masseurs
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Monchair Monochord, rot
From €2,898.00
Singing Chair - monchair - Monochord
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feeltone company portrait

The feeltone Company has been building beautiful handcrafted sound therapy instruments in Northern Germany since 1997. Founded by Ingo Böhme, the feeltone workshop specializes in producing monochords, wooden tongue drums and "Sound Furniture". Learn all about "feeling the tone" in this company portrait.

How to reach us

We are there for you Monday-Friday between 08:00 - 12:30 and 13:30 - 16:00 +49 (0)38374 55 918 0
You can reach us at shop@feeltone.com. We usually reply the same day.
You can also visit us and explore our showroom and get individual advice by appointment.

Video Call

We would be happy to show you our showroom via video call and play our instruments for you. Just give us a call, in the best case we have immediate capacity.

Our store

Visit us during our opening hours and simply try out the instruments.

Am Sonnenacker 1-9, 17440 Pulow

Opening hours
Mo - Do: 8:00 am - 12:30 pm and 1:30 pm - 4:00 pm
Friday: 8:00 am - 12:30 pm
Sa & So: closed

feeltone values and principles

As a company, we share a passion and enthusiasm for sound and the finest craftsmanship. With great dedication, we do everything we can to bring this sound to the world in a high-quality, customer-friendly and safe way. We work with great attention to detail, with the finest surfaces and beautiful shapes. Just "feel the tone".

Anyone can make music

Instruments must be easily accessible.

Cooperation at eye level

Flat hierarchies, regular exchanges between all employees.


In the office and workshop.

Visual harmony

The look is also a melody - sound in the golden ratio.


Ecological processing and packaging & resource-conserving use of materials.


Our instruments are played and appreciated all over the world.

Sound in diversity

Discover a wide variety of instruments and their very special timbres
Baba Tong 10 Töne, Doppel F-Moll Pentatonik, Anwendung

Wooden tongue drums made by feeltone

Soft earthy tones on padouk wood
Earth Tone Flöte - Sparrow Hawk - NASF in A (432Hz), aromatische Zeder*

Flutes made by High Spirits

Native Style Pentatonic Flutes
Tasche für Ritualtrommel

Ritual drums made by feeltone

Robust and lightweight drums made from natural materials

feeltone in motion