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Fine Instruments for Intuitive Playing and Sound Massage

Instrument Making since 1982

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Instrument Making since 1982

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You can also visit us and explore our workshop. Make a date and you can get personal advice.

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We would be happy to show you our showroom via video call and play our instruments for you. Just call, one of our experts might be available immediately.

Monochords - the sound of silence

The stillness in sound an in yourself.

In the most silent places in the world: Joshua Tree Park

Sound Furniture - in Resonance

The vibration of the strings sets the water in the body into vibration

The body has millennia of knowledge and picks the tones it needs to balance itself.

Seminars for Monochord and Sound Massage

We offer in-person Seminars as well as Zoom/Skype Introductions for Monochords and Sound Furniture.

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Tongue Drum - the Serenity of Wood

Small, medium and large Tongue Drum. The sound of the forest. Here with the oldest trees of the world, the Bristlecone Trees 2018

Intuitive Sound Instruments from all around the World

Communication in Sound - beyond Intellectual Thinking - the Language of the Heart

Drum Rituals

Talking with the Ancestors - World connected to Full Moon

Our Ritual Drums

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For a colourful selection of our smaller instruments visit our sales room. You can find our opening hours here.

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You can find our larger instruments on display in Klotzow at Ma Mer Massage Practice.

For a visit there, you should make an appointment: ma-mer.de

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